Karma: Blown Out Bearings, Brown Trout & Beer

I saw a bumper sticker that summed it up pretty good “weird shit happens” and this post kinda falls in the weird department. My wife and I were driving up trough road a few Saturdays ago and picked up 2 hitch hikers trying to make it back to their trucks up river. No big deal some done it before and I’ll do it again. But what happened after that falls in the karma / weird category. We unloaded the boat and went up to the parking lot and had a feeling I should check my bearings. Well sure enough my right trailer hub was real hot and the tire was a bit wobbly. So back down to the boat ramp I went with a wiggling tire loaded the boat and went back to the parking lot. Now I am not a very mechanical guy I can do a few things and I have repacked my bearings before but when things seize together I don’t really have the patients or the right tools to complete the job…..So we pulled the hub off the trailer and drove to the closest town in search for parts. This is where we met our mechanical gardian angel, Matt. He wasn’t the cleanest fella but a helluva nice guy. The carquest had the parts and matt was kind enought to put it all together for us. I could have done it but like I said I probably would have missed a step and really screwed something up. So our action of picking up 2 hitch hikers had a reaction of us being fortunate enough that the store had our parts and that there was a kind individual there to help us….thats the karma part…and it was kinda weird.

After my education with replacing bearings removing a seized race on my spindle (that is not sexual) I was able to get back on the water with the boys from Minturn Anglers for a day of Streamer Fishing on the Roaring Fork. Actually they fished and I rowed most of the day but it was fun to be back out on the water. Alex stuck this pig 100 yards from the put it. White Sculpzilla…it makes me happy.
The day was bright and sunny so we did a little beer drinking on the 15 mile float. Beer tastes good on the water, it is actually a little dangerous. I mean you can really slam ’em.

Owls are cool

Alex was wrecking it from the back of the boat. This fish was bigger than it looked Alex has big hands.
So the Karma behind this whole operation was good. Some random fella helped repair my trailer, the fishing gods blessed us and the beer was cold. Keep doing good deeds and they will come back to ya. Thanks for taking a peak.