Steelhead Sweatshirts: Sasquatch Swings

We had some hooded sweatshirts made for our Steelhead Trip and I have gotten a bunch of interest from folks who have seen them kicking around. Here are a couple pics. It is sasquatch holding a spey rod in the forest on the front, it seemed fitting considering that he lives in the Pacific Northwest, and on the back there is a fish with text that read release wild steelhead. If you would like one shoot us and email with your size and shipping address.
Here is a close up. Note: the background is actually light grey and not white….
This is the logo on the back of the sweatshirt. It is located on the lower left hand side and is only about 4 inches long x 4 inches high. It does not take up the entire back of the shirt.

Hope you like them. Thanks to those of you who have emailed me already. I will put an order in shortly.

32 thoughts on “Steelhead Sweatshirts: Sasquatch Swings

  1. joey Post author

    Mills They are between $25 and $30 beans with the bigger shirts 2XL and up a little more. I gotta check with the printing company and see how much they are going to charge for another run. Hows the fishing in WA? THings are good right now in CO. The browns are crushing streamers and it is getting a little better everyday. Cheers

  2. Josh Mills

    When you’re ready to order, I will throw the 30 bones you’re way for sure. We’re in the middle of runoff…and thus I am focused on the golden bones right now. MIIIGHT go swing up a king if I am lucky this friday on the Clearwater

    Thanks brosef…

  3. Saltydog003

    who do i send the check to? I’m all about wild steelhead, and the sasquatch kinda reminds me of my father in law!

  4. Luke

    Hey… I want one of these … maybe I’m an idiot but i cant find your email address anywhere to shoot you a line … post it up!

  5. Auntie

    Hey – I want one too !! size med – let me know the total amount and I will send it !!
    When are you coming east this summer??

  6. Ryan

    Nice lookin hood! Count me in for a large. Shoot me some payment info when they are ready to ship.

  7. guerillafish

    Definitely have to have one. 2XL for me as I have quite the girlish figure. I’ll send the cash when you need it. Let me know when and where.

  8. will sedlack

    greetings from Vermont. looking for an XL to rep up here in VT. how do I get my hands on one of these?

  9. annie kubicka

    Hey…nice sweatshirt. Would be great to wear steelhead fishing in NorCal. Any small sizes for a little gal? I could probably wear a men’s small if need be.

  10. John

    Too late to get included on the next order. If not, please order me an XL and send me the payment information.

  11. Steve Grover

    I would love one of these sweatshirts if it’s not too late, size XL. Please let me know the cost and how to order and I will get you a check in the mail pronto. Thanks! Steve

  12. Justin Crump

    Joey, I’m in. 1 XL if they are running small.

    Hit me up and I will get you payment info.

  13. guerillafish

    Got my sweatshirt in the mail. It’s awesome. Looks great. Thanks for the hookup.

  14. ringo nishioka

    Dude, I am in on a Large. Send me an address to get you a check. And enclose an address for your dad, I will try and get hims some flies for his next trip.


  15. Kyle Barrus


    I am lookin to get a Sasquatch Hoody. I’ll send ya my Address and some $. Email me when ya get a second. Your site is Rad. Maybe see ya in Worshington this Spring?Hope your well and the Rain-Dogs are pleniful — Kyle

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