Washington Steelhead Trip: Sasquatch Crew, Spring Trip Report

Well this report is long over due but better than never. Another Steelhaed season has come to an end for me and what a way to wrap it up. The trip that we planned for so long finally came together and with a great group of guys. As always we were flt fishing with Jeff Brazda, Tyler Barrus and Joe Wilaure and as always we caught a bunch of Wild Pacific Steelhead. Of course this trip didn’t go without its obsticals. We lost the first and last day of fishing due to monsoon weather but it didn’t keep us from staing occupied. Monday was the first blow out so we all hoped in the car and drove around to show the folks who had not been to the “twilight zone” the local color. After a few hours cruising to the coast and checking out the Hoh Rain Forest we ended up back to the hurricane house were all the guides came over for the Hurricane Party…..And party we did. In fact I think we all lost a year off our lives. But what a blast. Rooster was kind enough to come over with his crew and cook us all a fine pasta dinner from scratch. After shaking the cobwebs out and letting the rivers come into shape we were on the Sol Duc River by noon the next day.
What amazed all of us was how well these rivers handle volumes of water. If you could have seen it 12 hours before this you would have thought for sure that it would have taken at least 3 days to get back in shape. Quite amazing how quick these rivers come back into shape. From this day forward we were on the river. Just about everybody got time on all three og the main rivers. The Sol Duc, The Hoh and The Bogachiel.
Tom Geib Hooked up on the Upper Hoh. We all saw this fish jump and it had to be in the low 20’s. This was the last splash we saw out of it before it took Tom all the way to his backing knot on the reel. He came in behind me and picked my pocket.
But I was able to go back up and pick his. Not nearly as big but very shiny and hot.
We leap frogged down the river hooking and battling the rest of the day.
The forth day was by far the hottest (and not weather wise) between the 3 boats we hooked around 36 steelhead. Not too bad considering that the rivers were totally un-fishable 2 day prior. Everyone got a fish that day from novice to experienced anglers.
Boz certainly had the hot rod of the day he laced into many. But, this is the one that stick out in my memory. This hen must have only been in the river for a day. Bright Bright Bright and Screeeeemmed.
Papa Mac Scored a nice colored up Buck On The Bogachiel. And Just to see what the bright ones look like he caught this one on the next cast.
I got lucky with this big fella. Trying to get a hold of the big man.
There are many more photos out there on various cameras and computers but these will have to do for now. A big thanks goes out to everyone who made this trip possible. Thank you to all of you who inquired about the trip. We will definitely be doing it again next spring. Until then get out there and enjoy the warmer weather that is finally here.

The Sasquatch Crew!!!!

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