Anlgers Of Honor

Anglers Of Honor is a cool program getting injured vets onto the water and teaching them a bit about fly fishing. Click the blue and you can learn more about this fly fishing project

Last year I was able to shoot a video for this foundation, which you can watch on the site, and it was very, I hate to say moving because its corny, but something like that. It was certainly eye opening to be around the folks who defend our country that we so often take for granted. Young guys that have come back from combat with injuries both physical and mental trying to cope with day to day life…. REAL.

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They had another event recently and although I was out of town, My Buddy Agent Newell took my place and went to Boulder River Ranch to shoot some video with the folks from Craig Hospital.. Although the weather wasn’t a typical perfect Colorado Day, Newellsy got some great shots in the dreary weather.

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