Baby Mac In The House: Bags Under The Eyes

You know the kind of sleep the night before you have to catch a plane? Thats the kind of sleep you get when you have a baby. Never quite reach REM and just when you start to feel your eyes go dark you hear the chirp. Thats how its been in the Macomber household for the last couple weeks. Amos and I welcomed our new baby boy into the world on March 13th (lucky). His name is Joseph E Macomber the IV and we are calling him Maco (mako) for short. I am not gonna lie I was totally freaked out about having a little guy prior to his arrival. But, to all you soon to be fathers out there it is an amazing experience. The sleeping program I don’t think anyone gets used to so you just have to muscle thru it. Here is the newest addition to our fam… Baby Mac

Baby Mac Thinking About...

Baby Mac Out To Dinner

3 thoughts on “Baby Mac In The House: Bags Under The Eyes

  1. Jerry Roach

    Congratulations to both of you. My birthday is also on March 13th and it is a lucky day. You know the Irish.

    1. joey Post author

      Thanks Jerry – you two will have to get together and have a beer on your birthday. Are you coming north this summer? hope all is well.

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