Colorado 2014 Blizzard: Sasquatch Hates Shoveling

If you are friends with anyone in Colorado I am sure that you have seen pictures of all the snow that recently fell over the weekend. It was truly amazing to see that much precipitation accumulate so rapidly. The skiers were so “stoked bro” “powder day” “need a snorkel broseph” … ok I get it. The snow is deep, I have been shoveling it all day. In all seriousness this freak storm is great for our snowpack and will help ensure water to play on this summer.  Since I was manning the shovel for most of the weekend I had a little fun and created this clip about living with a Sasquatch. Have a safe Superbowl Sunday.


Fly Fishing New Orleans: Frozen Redfish

“What would you like with your eggs? Fruit, hash browns or grits?” “Grits please, Thanks Mam.” I ate me some grits down in the frozen marsh of New Orleans. I even ate them at the airport before departing back to Colorado. I believe they were smoked gouda grits. No big deal.

NOLA Redfish

I truly think I have a curse on me. Which is kinda cool if you are into voodoo, ghoules and shit like that, but this will have been the 6th saltwater trip I have been on when the weather made me grab my ankles.  The boys from The Flyfisher group toted me along to document a Redfish trip to NOLA.  When the lobby of the hotel was colder then Denver I knew the curse had followed me to salt once again. The Polar Vortex had put the south in a deep freeze. Damn! The cold temps pushed the Big Reds off the oyster/mud flats into the deeper channels. The Curse. We still managed to smash the hell out of the mid sized ones and have a great time while doing it. The content that came out of the trip wasn’t half bad so I threw together this little vid.

Fly Fishing New Orleans Redfish: Polar Vortex from Joey Macomber on Vimeo.

Regardless of the freak weather, which I am sure was caused by the curse, Fly Fishing for Redfish in NOLA is rad. I will surely go back and try it again. Good guides, eager fish and all the grits you can eat.

Grit Card

Florida Weather: Fishing Challenge Or Jinxed

Wifey just wants to lay in the sun at the beach. She tells me that for some reason it just makes her happy. Fair enough. I can do the beach for about 20 minutes and then I am looking for something to do, so little dude and I try to build a sand structure. maco_beach We fill the buckets with crushed shells, tip them upside down and dig a moat around the cone shaped sand only to be toppled by his chubby little baby toes. Repeat.

Beach day is awesome, just enough breeze to keep the sweat from forming on the top of your lip, bright sun tanning our dry mountain skin and just enough cloud cover to give you a break from squinting. Perfect Florida weather…. 16 hours pass.

Laying in bed I look at the red numbers on the clock and realize that I might have had one too many cocktails at happy hour. My skin is a little tender from beach day and a tinge of heartburn stings my throat. I smacked the alarm just as it reaches 5:30 and walk out of the room. While lathering on SPF 50 i am thinking about the shots I might get at Tarpon, Snook, Permit or Bonefish. I can hardly wait. It is the right time of year, all the reports are great, the fish are here, “just got to stay calm and make a good cast” I say to myself.

The windows to the east look over the bay and the American Flag is not drooped silently like the morning before. In fact it is violently flapping, making a slapping noise. “Really?”

“maybe it is still calm on the gulf side” “maybe we’ll go into the back country” “or maybe we’ll just go for a $600.00 boat ride” all these ramblings go thru my head.

Seems like more times than not this happens to yours truly. And although I have been blessed with great days on the salt my fingers are always crossed when there is a charter booked well in advance.


For Thanksgiving wifey and I went to FLA to visit her parents. It was a fun trip and I had very little intentions of fishing. But, her dad surprised me with a half day trip he lined up with Frank Catino. I was pumped, I called Frank and chatted about what we would be fishing for. He responded with baby tarpon, snook and jacks. Awesome. Baby Tarpon Rule

The day came and wouldn’t you know it. Cloudy, very very windy and a high probability of rain. It was the day after beach day HAHAHA. Dave and I hopped in the car and went out anyway. Frank was at the launch and ready for us. We motored through a Manatee zone and chatted about the fishery on the Sebastian River.  The Sebastian River is a very cool fishery I never knew existed. You can catch a Bass and a Snook in the same section of river. Baby tarpon grow up in the river and the scenery is much like a jungle.

We battled the wind blind casting at rolling Baby Tarpon and moved the fly under pilings looking for big snook. Mayan CichlidWe ended the day with a few Jacks, lady fish and a Mayan Cichlid. It was a great trip and I learned a lot about an area I had never known. I like to believe that it is the fish gods putting me through the ringer. Pay your dues and you will be rewarded. Fair enough. I haven’t fished in saltwater enough to have everything go perfect and I don’t mind getting beat up time to time. The wind certainly is making me a better caster. Although there are some people who would disagree with that.  Thanks to Big Dave for putting together a quick trip and also for all the rum punch that we seemed to consume. See ya in the salt.



Beverage Supernova: Lucky Oh

We recently have been working outside our fly fishing/ outdoor box and shot a commercial for an upcoming beverage company, Lucky Oh. The weather forecast looked promising as we drove into a fog bank that lined the entire front range of Colorado. And as we drove up Boulder Canyon the fog only thickened. There we were in a mist of freezing water shooting a marketing video for the beverage supernova. The company plans to unveil its product this month. Launching its website and marketing campaign. Be sure to look out for Lucky Oh on shelves in your local LQ, Grocery Store, Convenience stores and restaurants/ bars. “Wherever you go, Lucky Oh”

Screen shot 2013-11-14 at 8.35.49 AM

Polarized Sunglasses: See The Water Better

Sunglasses have become part of my head and you can tell when you look at my chubby face and see raccoon eyes. I get that too often. “Nice tan line” some pounder will say to me. Well jack wagon if I am going to be in the sun all day I am going to wear sunglasses and not worry about my public appearance you vain bastard. That is what I want to say but instead I stare at them and just smile. Generally an awkward moment. With all the eye wear products on the market today it can be tough to make a decision on what to spend $200.00 on. Personally I have a very difficult time busting out the plastic for a pair of shades that are going to get trashed in a month or so. But, I know that i will wear them day in and out until I drop them in the river. Here is what I look for when buying sunglasses.

First – Comfort. I have chubby cheeks and like to smile so bigger lenses will tend to rise off my face when I am laughing or showing off my pearly whites. So I try to find a lens that gives me good coverage, feels good on my face and is lightweight.

Second – Lens Color. I have always been a fan of amber/ copper colored lenses. They seem to give everything a golden hue and lighten things up just a bit on an overcast day. The darker lenses always seem to dull things out and give a grey appearance. This is a preference.

Third – Cost. I hate spending $$ on anything, Thats only because I don’t ever have much of it. But, I try not to skimp when it comes to sunglasses. They play a large role in my day to day life so I figure a little extra will go a long way. Until I scratch them and then I am pissed. I have found that you can purchase a good pair of Polarized Sunnies from $75.00 – $250.00. I would prefer to fall on the lower and of that scale but usually end up more towards the upper 3rd.

Recently I have had a thing with Smith Optics. They offer more shapes and sizes and tend to be in mid upper level price range.Smith Dolen Sunglasses As far as comfort goes they fit me the best. The pair of glasses I own now have been some of my favorites. They are the Smith Dolen and are super light weight and have many different lens colors. I would recommend that you check them out if you are in the market for a new pair of polarized shades.

Costa Del Mar are obviously a big deal in the fishing world and they do a good job of marketing to folks like us. It seems that I have not been able to find a pair that fits me quite right.sku_13420_angle4_xl They are a little tight on my head and I can never find a lens I am really excited about. Although these shades look very similar to the Smiths above. I know a lot of guides wear Costas and like what they pay for. Maybe this is an avenue to look down.

Regardless of what you wear the overall goal of polarized sunglasses is the same. Cut the glare and help anglers see through the water better. Not, just for fishing either. Polarized lenses help when rowing a boat down a river, running a skiff in the skinny back country or fishing the deep blue. Without Polarized lenses a lot more rocks and other underwater hazards would be tearing holes in the bottom of boats. It is also nice to be able to see things like the trout below when people with fancy non polarized pounder shades cannot.