Blue River Colorado: Outlet Trout

It is the sound that only parents know. It is a dreaded sound. It is a sound that makes you want to bang your head on the wall. It is a sound that has you crawling out of bed while trying to leave your head on the pillow. That sound is a Baby Screaming between the hours of 12 midnight and 4 in the morning. That’s how my wife and I have been waking up for the past 10 months. Awesome, I know.

Blue River Rainbow Trout

Luckily for my lovely wife she can fall back asleep once the monster has been fed and is back in his crib. Not this guy. The wheels get turning in my head and before I know it time has slipped by and the alarm is about to go off. The common phrase I use is “fuck it” as I crawl out of bed and scramble for the coffee maker. Yesterday was no exception. I had to meet Cody in Silverthorne to do a camera drop off and it was only right that we fish the outlets for a few hours.

Blue River Rainbow Trout

When I say outlets I mean outlet stores. Not the outlets of a lake or reservoir. You are literally casting with Banana Republic behind you. It is kind of silly but, it is a tail water and there are some giant Mysis fed Rainbow trout in there. For example: we hunted one yesterday that was pushing 10lbs. Cody was on the pedestrian bridge spotting him (it was a him he had a big kype) for me while I tried not to fall in the river.

Blue River Colorado Trout

We never did hook big Moe but we caught some decent fish. I should say Cody caught some decent fish and I took pictures. I would tell you the fly of choice but I am afraid those purest out there might tar and feather me.

Blue River Fly Fishing

Although the fish in this stretch of the Blue get fished to more than they should, they still are beautiful Trout, and extremely educated. The deep reds and yellow hues make them pop. If you have never fished this water before, the fish are easy to spot for this reason. They say the colors are from the Mysis Shrimp in the fishes diet. I am not sure who “they” are but it makes sense. Especially since many Rainbow Trout look like this in Mysis Tailwaters.

Fly FIhsing Blue River Colorado

Rainbow Trout Release

Cody Letting another one go. The damn kid has gills. Bring your rod next time wifey drags you to the Outlets. While she spends money on a shirt she already has you can fish the Hollywood hole for big Moe. Happy Thursday.