BVI Bonefish: Poppy Mac Bringing The Pain

I got a text from my mom last night “we are back in SW FlA.” Good to know since they had been romping around the Caribbean sipping rum for the past 10 days. And if you have ever been to the Caribbean or any tropical place for that matter the thought does cross your mind. “I might just stay right here and open a jet ski rental.” Of course that never happens, but if I don’t see the sun soon our baby boy might be learning how to speak creole on some remote island instead of English in some under funded school district. OUCH.

So this morning I woke up to 2 emails one was labeled BONEFISH and the other was Help!! My Websites are Down. I have to admit I went to the BONEFISH title first being that I know nothing about a crashed website. And there it was the great one holding a giant Bonefish on some remote flat in the BVI’s.

Giant Bonefish

No matter where the great one goes he is always able to find a fish to shake hands with. I think it is something about fathers that gives them the edge on us young punks. Maybe its patience, Maybe its wisdom, Maybe its experience, the list could go on for a while. But, regardless of what it is I always enjoy fishing with my dad and look forward to being able to do it with my son. By then I will have the father ju ju that all dads seem to possess.

Bonefish BVI

Well Done Sir.