Deckers Colorado Fly Fishing

Made a white knuckle drive to Evergreen Colorado yesterday morning to meet Cody for a day for fly fishing on the Deckers section of the South Platte River. Well he did most of the fly fishing and I held a heavy camera while getting mildly sun burnt. The parking lot was full, surprise surprise, but we found some water to fish right after a bunch of brahs walked right through it. Excellent way to start the morning. Thanks fellas. The goal was to capture some video content of the BWO hatch that has been coming off in good numbers each day, the only problem was that the sun was high without any signs of clouds. Typical. The BWO’s did pour off like fly fishing reports have claimed, but fish were not excited to poke their spotted noses through the surface. While the goal was to hit the red button and watch fish slurp adult insects through the view finder, we ended up staring at a bobber instead. Fun none the less but not nearly as exciting. Cody put a few nice fish in the basket and I was able to get a couple cool underwater images. This is always a crap shoot for me but sometimes I get lucky. I feel like these came out pretty good.

Decker Colorado Rainbow Trout.

Decker Colorado Rainbow Trout.

The fly fishing at Deckers was actually pretty good despite the traffic. Sight fishing to trout flashing in the faster pocket water was a blast. The clear water allows you to watch them open their mouths and inhale your fly. Of course you miss more times than not it is still addicting.

Underwater Rainbow Trout, Colorado

Underwater Rainbow Trout, ColoradoI 

I will continue to work on my underwater shots and try for different points of view. I feel like I might need a wet suit to really get creative. But I promise you that you do not want to see me in a wet suit. Hope you are enjoying Spring.