Diablo Steelhead

My friend Jeremy and I started joking around with this idea about a Diablo Steelhead that lives in the darkest part of the river, is always bright chrome, has red eyes, is obviously giant, will never get caught and will never die. Of course this idea was born in a run where Jeremy had hooked a monster fish once and has never seen one out of there since. So we assumed that the Diablo Steelhead lives there. Well I brought the Diablo Steelhead story out west to Washington where ,I am sure it exists, and got Jeff Brazda going about. We hooked a fish outside of this rock on a big boil and it went absolutely bonkers -jumping, cartwheeling, running and boom it was gone. I threw the unnecessary roughness flag and moved on. It was one of those fish that was bright bright bright!!! looked like a streak of white when it Jumped and was a ghost under water. Well Jeff and I decided that it was the Diablo Steelhead and will never be caught. I bore real easy and I picked up the 6 string, that also acts as a couch guard to keep the dog off, and started to make up a song about the Diablo Steelhead. For all you guitar hero’s out there the chords are A7-D7. Then E7-D7-A7. No Big Deal Right. Kinda a funky groove..or maybe a rip off of The Grateful Dead’s Mr. Charlie…I don’t know.
I will save you the lyrics because they always change depending on how many beers are in the house. But the story is about a guy sitting in the mossy rain-forest looking at the river getting ready to go fishing when sasquatch pops out and advises him not to go.. one verse “if you’re going into that river boy there is one thing you should know – 2x” “There is a fish down there that is know as DIABLO.” So the angler is scared because he just witnessed sasquatch and now the big brown smelly monster is sitting next to him telling him how he once was a regular guy who like to fish and he hooked and landed the DIABLO Steelhead. It was the biggest brightest meanest fish in the river. And for it being defeated by a common man the DIABLO put a curse on the man turning him into the Hairy Mystical creature of the Forest so he could never go into public again and tell the people about his catch…. and that’s how Sasquatch was created.

Any way here are a few things I am running with. Please comment and tell me about your DIABLO Stellhead.
1- Chrome All Year
2- Lives Under The Deepest Submerged Log In The River
3- Giant – At Least 35 pounds
4- Red Eyes
5- Goes To The Ocean Only To Eat Seals & Tuna
6- Burns Through Tribal Nets
7- If it ever gets hooked (which is never) it breaks the rod at the cork.
8- Adored By All Female Steelhead
9- Can breathe air for up to one hour
10- Turns men into Sasquatch.


6 thoughts on “Diablo Steelhead

  1. Brazda

    SMokes luckey stikes and drinks Oly from a can!
    Cruises California cause he likes the taste of Gtreat White.
    Goes trolling off Cabo in springtime like a man.

    ‘Ol Diablo says “catch me if you can”.

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