Eagle River Colorado: Red House Hole

After losing a fish in the red house hole Brinkman and I walked up the steep bank to 2 sheriff cruisers who were putting the silver bracelets on a young mexican man. The thought of this guy breaking loose and taking us hostage ran thru my mind as we walked by and stared with interest and when we got back to the truck I added this to the conversation. ” two innocent fly fishermen were gunned down as desperate criminal tries to escape.” Brinkman looked at me and said “that was why I was walking on the other side of you”….. typical banker.

Mess With Me... I Take Your House

The red house hole is usually pretty money, it has a nice shallow riffle that those pesky trouts like when the water is a bit warmer and a long deep tail out where they can hide from predators like the dude we saw in silver steel. But, what I think might be happening here is that the occupants of the red house are turning the the pesky trouts into freezer burnt dinner. Or magnum and Atreyu were in there prior to our arrival and the pesky trouts all had sore lips. Either way this cause us to head down river.

After a vicious knee slide down a snow covered ice bank we landing in the river. There was a nice Rainbow sitting in the shallows sunning itself and I watched while Brinkman tried to find it with his Banker Eyes. No Luck there, but while I was re-tying Brinkman laced into one.


Child Abuse

It was just a little guy but it was nice to see the bobber go down — yes we were fishing with bobbers. Please don’t hate. i went back to re-tying my bugs and the Banker struck again. Now, Birinkman is brand new to the sport of fly fishing and is getting quite good at it but like all of us when trying something new we need some coaching. I don’t know if I am the right person for this job but I do my best. So there the banker was hooked up and I could tell that this fish was a bit beefier than the previous pesky trout so I started yelling directions and grabbed the net. But, like an old pro Brinkman brought the fish over to the net and BOOM he was on the board (again). He was stoaked it was a healthy Eagle River Rainbow Trout and the biggest he has landed to date.

The Banker Scores

A quick pic and this pesky trout was conked and thrown on the bank for a freezer burnt dinner. Just kidding we watched it swim back into the shadows of the run. Obviously Magnum and Atreyu hadn’t caught that one yet.

Eagle River Rainbow Trout - Released

We left shortly after this fish was landed, it is good to see Brinkman getting the fly fishing bug. We have warm weather in the forecast so hopefully we can get out there again and take advantage of the good fishing happening right now. Spring is my favorite time to get out, soon the blue bus will be floating the Eagle River on streamer patrol but until then we will probably be staring at bobbers. Over & Out.

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  1. bull dog

    Nice to see the elk hunter tamed down to a fly fisherman
    Welcome to the club Nick!

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