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We have worked with some amazing people over the years and we are blown away by the amount of talented folks out there. We are always willing to work with videographers/ photographers who enjoy capturing stunning media and sharing it with the world. Below is our film crew which is a cast of characters that help Lateral Line Media keep on ticking.

Jeff -Sasquatch Shooting Clays Off The Deck Of The Bogey House, WA

Jeff -Sasquatch Shooting Clays Off The Deck Of The Bogey House, WA

Jeff- Team Mascot –                                      Enjoys Long Walks in the Woods

Jeff joined Lateral Line Media several Steelhead seasons ago and was the inspiration behind our Sasquatch swings hooded sweatshirt. Jeff made his first appearance in Colorado 3 years ago and has been harassing fly fishermen ever since. While the ladies love him he is still holding out for his one true love. Mother Earth. Jeff has made several cameo appearances in our fly fishing videos and quickly becomes a favorite to all who meet him. Jeff was last seen low holing some anglers on the Eagle River and although he was upset to see tourists in his favorite dry fly hole he ended up aiding them in their fly selection. He bear as grizzly appearance but has a heart of gold. If you happen to see our furry friend be sure to say hi and give him a high five.

Joey Macomber, Lateral Line Media

Joey Macomber, Lateral Line Media, Film Crew

Joey Macomber – Chief Camera Holder – Really dislikes skinny jeans.

Lateral Line Media was born from the blonde headed mind of Joey Macomber. An easy going fella that enjoys being outside and on the bow of any boat. After graduating from the University of Maine, JMac quickly found his way to Colorado where he spent many summers chasing Trout with his father. He now resides in Edwards, CO with his wife and two sons where they enjoy the active Colorado lifestyle. With a creative mind and keen eye Joey strives to capture the best video content thats available. Having worked all over the country as well as in remote parts of the world he has carried cameras in all types of environments and has the stories to go along with it. He has been a part of several award winning films and seems to make friends no matter where he is. You can usually find Mr. Macomber chasing a dry fly hatch around Colorado or deep in the Elk Woods with his bow trying to mimic a Bugling Bull in September.

Cody DeGuelle, Lateral Line Media

Cody DeGuelle, Lateral Line Media, Film Crew

Cody DeGuelle – Talent –                             Wears Cowboy Boots on Skiffs

Cody has been standing in front of the video camera for several year and although he was nervous at first we have got him broken in. A Colorado Native, Cody grew up chasing big game and trout all across the state and earned a degree in Fisheries Biology from CSU. He now works as chief of staff for The Flyfisher Group and spends his days making sure his clients are catching fish all over the world. Cody is a wizard on the vise and ties one of the meanest mouse patterns out there. He is part of numerous pro staffs but you would never know it from is laid back down to earth personality. When Cody isn’t on the river he is in the high country glassing for Elk and learning their behavior for Archery Season. He is one of the best Elk Callers we know and he has the bone hanging on his wall to prove it.

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