Florida Snook Fishing: Thank You Lights

I was scrolling thru my camera roll and stumbled upon some images from our last trip to SW Florida. I must say that it was one of the best fishing trips I have had down there. Good Weather and Good Water Temps. It was also Baby Macs First dip in the Gulf of Mexico so that was really Radical as well. That’s right I just used radical in that last sentence. Now before I get going on this next part I want to get it out there that I love visiting my family no matter where they are and I enjoy spending time with them. But, there comes a time when a dude just can’t take going out to dinner anymore and this is where the lights come in. The lights are like a little fly fishing refuge and they play a huge role in the FLA visits. They allow you to do some fishing but also allow you to do the nightly dinner thing as well as the daily beach/ whatever the wife wants you to do thing. Although one would prefer to be on a boat all day looking for rolling poon, but this fat kid can’t afford that nor is wifey impressed when you are gone all day, believe me I’ve tried……. ahhh the lights. So this is how it usually shakes out.

1- Finish Dinner with the fam
2- A quick stop at “The Man Store” 7 eleven for some chew and beer.
3- We steal about 10 scoops of ice from the community ice maker and load a cooler
4- Hop in the boat and start cruising the bay.

Although you can pound the Snook from shore the boat plays a key role in getting into some great lights. Especially the lights on the southern part of Venetian Bay where it looks like an aquarium.

The program is simple see the snook cast to it and strip strip strip. Glass minnow is my go to bug, but last spring brazda was laying waste on something different. I can’t remember. Watching the fish chase your fly and eat it is really Radical (there it is again) but I have found that the bigger ones will generally eat it in the shadow. “Where the night turns to day” as we like to say.

The lights usually shut off around 1 am but we are always off the water by then. And if we are not well that means we are all in trouble. Last spring a couple of my good buddies Jeff Brazda, the Steelhead Jedi, and Lord Magnum were down in SW FLA and we got to spend some time under the lights.

Here are some shots from my mobile device. Not very good.

Lord Magnum With A Red Fish. Lots Of Red Fish Around After The Big Snook Kill A Couple Winters Ago.

Braz Showing His Jedi Skills

Another Red To The Boat

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