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Colorado has so many world class rivers it is tough to pin point which one you want to start on. Here in the Vail Valley we are within an hour or two of some of the best water in the state. We consistently fish the Colorado River, Eagle River, Roaring Fork River, The Blue, The Frying Pan, Gore Creek and many more. Let us set you up with the perfect Colorado Fly Fishing Experience. Whether it is for a day or a week we will be glad to get you on the water with confidence.

Colorado Brown Trout

Each Spring all of us get excited to get back in full fishing gear. Although the winter months can be great as well the longer spring days and warmer weather make the trout a bit more active. Spring is a great time to visit Colorado. The fishing is great and you can also sneak in a few powder days at the ski resorts when a winter storm rolls through. The rivers are quiet this time of year with minimal boat/ wade traffic and the fish are active and on the feed. You can generally catch trout all three ways in the spring. Streamers, Dry Flies and Nymphs. We get a good midge and blue winged olive hatch on over cast days which can often times bring every fish in the river to the surface.

Colorado Trout from Joey Macomber on Vimeo.


Warmer weather following spring brings runoff which varies year to year depending on snow pack in the high country. Prior to this big surge of water the Eagle River has an incredible Caddis Hatch. We have seen this hatch so think it looks like it is raining Caddis. This is a very exciting time to float the Eagle River and catch beautiful Wild Brown and Rainbow trout on skated Caddis flies. Not far from the Eagle River The Roaring Fork also has a great Caddis Hatch as well as a nice Blue Winged Olive Hatch. Below Amy Holds a healthy average sized Eagle River Rainbow Trout.

Eagle River Rainbow Trout

As summer marches on fishing across the state remains great. The fish become a little more educated so they can be a bit more picky and times of day start to play a larger role of when the bite is on. We are fortunate here in Colorado in that we have many tailwater fisheries that remain constant temperatures year round. These little gems, many of which are gold medal or blue ribbon waters, have incredible bug life and sustain large populations of healthy trout. So if you decide to try your luck at a picky tailwater trout we are located centrally within one hour to hour and a half of three great rivers. Such as; The Frying Pan, The Blue and The Yampa (see fish pictured below). Along with tailwaters we have larger rivers like the Colorado which has great hopper fishing in the summer. High Grassy undercut banks provide anglers with the opportunity to cast big dry flies to aggressive brown trout.

Colorado River Brown Trout

If you find yourself here in the middle of July into the beginning of August you will run into a Green Drake hatch somewhere. This is probably the best (in our opinion) dry fly fishing of the summer. It is like clock work. All of a sudden you will see a big bug start to flutter then another and another. The fishing comes to life like no other. The Roaring Fork River has an incredible drake hatch that will make your jaw drop. It tends to happen right at dusk and you will have a tough time picking your fly out amongst all the others on the waters surface. The Taylor and Gunnison Rivers also get an incredible Drake hatch this time of year and like the Roaring Fork it is amazing.

Green Drake – Brown Trout


Roaring Fork River Rainbow Trout

If those fish are not enough to entice you to visit our fish filled state we also have high mountain ponds and streams that hold aggressive Brook Trout and Cutthroats. Although more often than not you can see these beauties they are tough to trick in the clear water. We also have a horseback trip that will take you high into the Flat Top Mountains for the Native Cutthroat Trout.

High Mountain Brook Trout – Colorado Fly Fishing

Pictured Below is Joe Macomber a long time Fly Angler who frequents Colorado with a big Tailwater Rainbow trout. Joe was able to hit the Drake hatch in the morning catching fish on big dry flies and finish up his day with this monster that took a size 14 Green Drake Nymph.

Colorado Rainbow Trout

Here he is again with a Gunnison River Cutbow that ate a big articulated streamer on an over cast day. Joe likes to do the “Colorado Tour” each year when he comes out. This adventure takes you around the state over the course of 7 days fishing differnt rivers around the state. The trip combines wade and float trips each day on 5-7 different rivers.

Gunnison River Cutbow

Colorado’s fly fishing options are endless but we would like to give you a glimpse of what it is like to fish like a local. We can accommodate your lodging, transportation and guided fly fishing trips. Like mentioned above whether it is for a day or a week we have you covered. Here is a list of trips available.

Wade Trips, Float Trips, Overnight Float Trips, High Country Horseback Trips, Private Water Trips, The Colorado Tour, Destination Trips and many more. Email Us at  for more info and pricing. We look forward to fly fishing with you.

Two Early Spring Tailwater Rainbow Trout on The Yampa River

Yampa River Rainbow


Yampa River Rainbow Trout

One more Big Brown Trout that took a cripple green drake pattern in late July.

Green Drake Sipper- Brown Trout

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