Millsfly Likes Cats


It has been about a month since my¬†float down the mighty Colorado with Josh Mills. You can read his story on his fly fishing blog about our short day of looking for those pesky trouts. First off Mr. Mills and myself had never met in person we only met thru where we shared similar interests and had common friends. When he texted me about fishing in the beginning of July I opened up my schedule and was anxious to introduce a Washington Steelhead Junkie to our little trouts here in the Rockies. Due to a conflict with hand foot and mouth our fishing window got shut half way forcing us to fish the Upper Colorado. I had been floating the Eagle and fishing was as stupid as it gets but time wouldn’t allow a float down the Eagle. So I brought Mills and his cronie John to Pumphouse where fishing reports claimed things were on fire. According to everyone fish were slamming dries along the banks and¬†fishing was easy. I was pumped for these Washington spey casters to get an opportunity to cast stimis along the banks to eager Brown Trout. What we found was that those reports were a day old and the dry fly fishing sucked. I was so nervous to bust out a bobber rod around these Steelhead guys that I didn’t even bring a thingamabobber. Luckily Millsy had one and life got easier. We were able to stick a few fish and turn a bunch of heavy ones with streamers as we finished out the day. Despite having never met each other we had a great time quoting movies and harassing each other when we missed a fish. Thanks for the good time mills. I hope you framed that shirt and I will try to trump it next time I see you in WA.