Roaring Fork Spring Fishing: Vail Hospital Update

Well I am sitting here on my couch/bed in Vail Hospital as I update the ol’ blog. My wife is relaxed on her bed chatting it up with the nurse. The 39 weeks have certainly flown by and soon, sometime in the next few hours, we will welcome our little boy into the world. Pretty exciting. But, until then here is an updated fishing report on the Roaring Fork.

Amos & I Prior To The Hatch

The Fork is about and hour from my house. Not a bad run either all interstate and as long as there is not a rock slide in the canyon it is smooth sailing. Last Friday it was a balmy 50 degrees down valley so I grabbed the banker and magnum and headed to the Fork. With the blue bus in tow we got to the Carbondale boat ramp around 10:30 and had the old girl in the river by 11. It felt good to be back on the oars crab stroking our way down river. Brinkiman pegged one about 1/2 mile from the ramp. A Rainbow trout with a jaw that looked like mike tyson punched it. Weird.. That fella ate a golden stone probably a # 16. We tried to get a pic of him but magnum couldn’t figure out how to work that camera machine. Soon after landing old crooked jaw magnum was on the board. He was consistent on stripping streamers and it paid off. He rocked a nice brown right after the banker farmed one in a $$ run. We bounced down to another good nymph hole and I positioned Brinkman in a good casting position while magnum tied on some dries. Bobber down!!! Brinkman came tight and did battle with a nice Bow.

The Banker Scores At The MTV Hole

The next cast boom.. bobber down and Brinkman started to catch fire. Magnum was finished tying up his rig as we landed another fine Roaring Fork Rainbow Trout. We started to make way again then the Banker struck again.. A sweet whitey. Boo- yah. We now were on a mission to get the banker the roaring fork slam… RT. BT, Whitey & Gold Belly Sucker.

Magnum- All Business

We slid down into a slow run and saw some risers Magnum quickly started tossing at them but they had no interest. He shouted out ” if you row your ass off I will change bugs” that got a chuckle from the banker and I. But, i did as he requested and rowed my ass off to an eddy up stream. Not too much anchor room on the fork, lots of private water the second home owners like to post. So we sat there and I told Brinkman that we would get a chance to watch magnum farm one on a dry. Sure enough we slid into position and magnum farmed one. It was a great shout out. We held there for a few more minutes but those pesky trouts wouldn’t take. Magnum took over on the oars after his poor display with the Dry fly… ha ha Just kidding magnum you are a effin rock star. I was in the back of the bus missing & losing trouts like a texan when the banker struck again. Big Bow on a tiny midge put the banker to the test but damn if he didn’t bring it in like an old pro.

Bobber Down

Banker Rocking The Rainbows

Blue Bus & Mount Sopris - Magnum Mobile Upload Image

After lunch fishing slowed down a touch but we were on a time restraint so we didn’t hit it too hard. Magnum heated up at the end of the day nailing a few shay dogs and some brown trout. The banker finished weak, I think after he lost his magic set up all confidence let the building. We made it back to the boat ramp before 4 and had the banker home before 5:30 and kept his old lady from yelling at him. The hot flies of the day were: Golden Stones, Micro Mays, Girdle Bugs, Red Midges & Purple Midges. The video below shows bobber tying some deadly purple midges.

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  1. Jerry Roach

    Hey Jmac, congrats on the new addition. I would hope to get up that way sometime. Not a whole lot of streams around here but I’m going to the river at Broken Bow, Ok at the end of the month. May get up your way late in May. Tell the agent and Bobber hello.

  2. bad poker player

    Congrats on the curttain climber. Teach him how to row before you teach hime how to ride a bike.

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