Roosterfishing: Fly Fishing La Paz Mexico


That wave of hot air hits you like a blow dryer in front of the sun. It is a dry heat. the land a covered with cactus and mountains of brown earth. As you drive along the winding roads north of Cabo a deep blue from The Sea Of Cortez appears on the distant horizon. You are in Baja,.

cactusThe 4:30 wake up call was like a tequila bottle hitting you over the head. Our blood shot eyes scrambled in and out of a daze trying to grab our gear before the 5am departure. Heartburn instantly sets in after the first sip of coffee and you wonder what they put in those margaritas. Generally after two margaritas hallucinations do not set in. sticker

The van door opens to a beach full of Pangas and a faint grey sky. The air is cool and dry. Once on the boat your captain motors towards the point and heads north. The bait is north. A burning red sun rises on the east horizon as the salty air fills you lungs. The occasional wave of nausea rumbles your gut when a plume of gasoline fumes hit your nose. But, the hangover is getting better.


The bait mafia pull up to your boat and throw a couple of buckets of sardinas in the front well of our Panga. Many words are exchanged between the two boat captains non of which we understand. We just hand over a 20 and motor off. The sun is hot now. Sweat full of sunscreen and poison rolls of your brow and into your eyes instantly stinging them.

The Captain turn off the motor about 200′ from the rocky shore and chucks a few sardinas towards the shore. You peel off as much line as you can throw and make a few false casts to stretch your line. The steady rocking of the boat takes a minute to get used to. Another wave of nausea hits, this time from the heat and the rocking motion. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Splash a combs appears off the beach, then another. Sardinas are scrambling during the chase trying to our swim the Roosterfish that is chasing it. The comb is cutting across the surface never in the same direction for more than a second. Back and forth, near and far. So fast. Its incredible.

The line shoots off the deck into the slashing roosters. As soon as the line hits the water you begin to retrieve line with both hands trying to imitate a fleeing sardina. The comb turns and chases your fly. Faster and faster your strip. “He’s on it He’s on it…eat it eat it you bastard.” Refusal.
That’s how we started our 6 day fishing adventure to La Paz Mexico. An incredible place with one of the coolest blue water fisheries I may ever see. The Rooster fish are as cool as they look, but on top of that you can catch, jacks, bonito, dorado, lady fish, trevally, reef fish, marlin.. Just to name a few.  Some of the pickiest fish as well. at least when we were there. If the fly had too much flash it was denied, green back instead of a black back, refusal, fly is too long, out of luck. We finally got it dialed in after a couple days thanks to Jeff Brazda and Rick Matney spinning bugs in the hotel room after fishing. A trip worth putting on the bucket list for sure.



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