Media Production Services

Professional Web Video Production

Lateral Line Media provides Web Media Services with measurable results. With degrees in Media Marking we know how to use video and web media to maximize your return on investment. With most of our clientele being within the Fly Fishing Industry we have the experience to provide your Lodge or Guide Service with a media product that will increase web traffic. Although we have worked with many lodges & outfitters our services are not limited to the Outdoor Industry. We have created video content for many different types of business and industries around the country. Our goal is to deliver your company with a rich media packet that will market your business, product or service with ease. We have been in business since 2005 and since then we have grown to understand how to market products better in this rapidly changing online world.

How It Works

We will capture, edit and produce all video content and then supply it to your web developer in ready form. From that point, your new web video can be embedded into your web site allowing users to view your product/service first hand. From here we can take it a step further by marketing your product/service through many of our media channels. We will work hand in hand with your company to ensure a positive working experience. Once your new marketable video is created we can consult you on how to leverage your content and reach potential customers. We shoot all of our video content with HD pro cameras, pro audio and lighting. We also have music licenses so there is never a worry of copyright infringement. All media is edited on Final Cut Pro and compressed into a web friendly format that is easily usable across all web and television channels.

Web Development Assistance

If you are in need of assistance uploading or getting more exposure our sister company Simple Solutions offers complete web development and marketing services. If you would like more information please contact us

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