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Blue Horizon Belize: Tailing Permit For Days

Permit can be one of the most frustrating fish on the planet to hook on a fly rod. The right cast combined with a perfect strip can often lead to a refusal. And more times than not that could be your only shot for the day if not for several days. Despite the odds of hooking a Permit, fly anglers from around the world spend countless amounts of money pursuing these finicky game fish. Over the last several years we have traveled to numerous Fly Fishing Destinations trying document anglers successfully landing a Permit on the fly. Our most recent trip was to Southern Belize with the incredible guides of Blue Horizon Fly Fishing. We had read that this was the mecca of Permit fly fishing but were skeptical due to difficult conditions encountered in the past.

Anthony Mazza, Blue Horizon Fly Fishing Ambassador With A Southern Belize Permit Caught On The Fly.

Anthony Mazza, Blue Horizon Fly Fishing Ambassador With A Southern Belize Permit Caught On The Fly.

The first morning everyone was excited with anticipation, we loaded the Pangas with camera gear and were on our first flat just as the sun broke the horizon. As soon as the motor was turned off we saw the first of 30 tailing Permit and quickly realized that this truly was Permit Alley.

Over the course of 3 days we saw more tailing Permit than any another location we have filmed, which includes: Yucatan Coast, Remote Mexican Atolls, Northern Belize and Florida. The pancake flats that appear out of the dark blue depths are covered with life. Surrounded by deep water these unbelievably gorgeous coral bottom flats are ideal for happy Permit. As avid fly fishermen we can say with confidence that the flats off of Placnecia and Hopkins is the best fly fishing destination to catch a Permit on the fly. Yellow Dog Fly Fishing Adventures agrees.

Scanning the Pancake Flats off the coast of Southern Belize in search of Tailing Permit.

Scanning the Pancake Flats off the coast of Southern Belize in search of Tailing Permit.

The current fly fishing guides at Blue Horizon have a combined 75 years of guiding experience and are lead by the “Permit Master” Lincoln Westby. We were fortunate enough to spend several days with Lincoln and after listening to his words of wisdom you quickly realize why he earned the label “The Permit Master.” With 59 permit landed personally and responsible for landing over 2000 Permit on the fly, Lincoln Westby is the utmost authority on fly fishing for Permit. We highly encourage all anglers to visit Blue Horizon and take advantage of all they have to offer. We are excited to be working with this incredible Permit Fly fFshing Operation and look forward to bringing you more Permit footage from Southern Belize.

Belize: Fly Fishing Video

I love it when a fly fishing guide yells at the angler on Deck. Something about it that makes me feel good and I  realize that this dude is not being a dick, he is just extremely passionate about getting the angling into fish. An angler does not see this that often, in fact I think not enough. I always want to know if I am doing something wrong or if there is a more effective way to do it. So please tell me and if you are my fishing guide tell me by raising your voice, stomping your feet and calling me an asshole for not paying attention. This is what happened on our first day in Belize. Our guide Ketchu, who was above and beyond the best guide at the lodge (my experience), was slow to warm up to us when we stepped on to the Panga at 7am. As we motored along to the fishing grounds he quickly stops the boat and yells tailing permit. Get your permit rod out. Well, the permit rod had the wrong fly on it as well as a shitty leader. That was not a good way to start. Cody got his ass chewed on the bow while I sat back and chuckled. Then Ketchu went on to give us instructions on how to strip for Permit, Bonefish and Tarpon. With our tails between our legs we poled along looking for Permit.

A Lone Star Over An Empty Palapa

With the clouds and wind the fishing opportunities where there only when the sun would come out. Sometimes only 20 mins at a time. It was the only day when we had a legitimate shot at the Grand Slam and I attribute all of that to Ketchu. In fact we would have had the Slam if Cody didn’t screw it up. Haha. The best fishing quote I have heard in a long time came on that day of fishing. “A fish has a tail, the fish movesKetchu, when describing a charter boat fishing where he was catching jacks the day before on a different tide.

Here is a short video from our trip. One of these days I will be in the right place at the right time, but until then I will work with what I am given. Thanks for watching and I hope you all have a Merry Christmas.

Belize: Tarpon Fly FIshing from Joey Macomber on Vimeo.



Belize: Fishing Report

My phone rang at 6:45 a.m. I had my hands full with baby Maco so I let it go thru to voice mail. “Joe can you travel Sunday thru Thursday?” was the message. It was Thursday Morning. They slow played me until about 11 am when I finally found out that the traveling would take place to Belize…. I am in.

Conch Shell Outside The Lodge

The Belikin tasted delicious as we hopped on the Panga in San Pedro. The sun was setting over Ambergris Caye when we docked at El Pescador fishing lodge.  We had 3 days of fishing planned and it was my job to make it look pretty on the camera.  Of course my luck brought in cloudy and windy conditions for the first two days but we still, or I should say the, still got shots at numerous tarpon, permit and crushed bonefish. The biggest problem were the clouds and anyone who has done saltwater flats fishing certainly understands the importance of the sun. If you do not let me say this, the sun helps you see into the water, and the fish live in the water.

Locked & Loaded – Don’t Ever Take A Wimpston Off A Trout Stream

Our first Belikin was generally around 9am in the morning, which may sound bad to some of you but, it was purely to change our luck. That and I am always skeptical of drinking the water on an island. In fact I am confident that I brought home a little stomach bacteria that I did not declare at customs. Happens every time.

Savanna Flats – The Dance Floor

Our last day was the nicest day of the trip, calm and bright. Of course it was the last day. Cody was on the bow and I was on my perch giving him shit about his casting. But, I could not blame him. He was casting a Winston 9wt, which I felt like breaking over my knee a few times. The tarpon were cruising the flat everywhere. It would happen in waves, you would see one, then a group of six, then a few more. Naturally they were on different hands of the clock and it made it chaotic for the guy on the bow. ” cast 40 feet at 9 o’clock” “oh shit look there are a group of them at 2 o’clock moving left to right” line would be flying everywhere and the fish were totally safe. Finally we got our shit together and got the rod bent. Cody made a long shot and started to move the fly. BOOM. After about 6 jumps we had scales to the boat.

Belize Tarpon – Picky Picky Resident Fish

Belize Tarpon – Resident About 30 Lbs

Stay tuned I am currently in the fine tuning stage of a video that I will post here when ready. Thanks for reading.