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Downtown Dirty Carp Fishing: Juice Box In The River

I am truly out of my element in the city. As I have gotten a bit older I am actually a bit frightened to drive amongst these maniacs who are rushing to sit in their concrete cubicles. Constantly checking my blind spot and nervous to change lanes I somehow made my way thru the jungle to 24th street.

I love the smell of diesel fumes in the morning

No trip is complete without a little street art

I hopped in Tyler’s Red Dodge, that is held together with Duck Tape, and let him drive to the river, trough, bums bathroom, drainage ditch..known as the South Platte. Carp was the targeted species of the day and if you could get a drift between the hub caps your chances of hooking one of these whiskered beauties was quite high.

Classic Carp Run

With the water being low and a little chilly the sight casting was pretty difficult. We saw a couple tailing fish but they were in the shadow of a pigeon covered bridge. Getting a cast to those fish without spooking them was nearly impossible, but we tried. In the end a rubber legged hares ear would make the bobber shake. And even though I was not excited to watch these guys throw the goat nut it was nice to see them catch a few.

Will this stuff come off my hands?

With long whiskers comes wisdom

Downtown Dirty D

god those lips are gorgeous

Like most of my days on the water this year I was holding a camera instead of a piece of graphite. But, I got a killer shot of a juice box floating down the river and a mild case of hepatitis C. See you in the city.

100% Juice