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Colorado 2014 Blizzard: Sasquatch Hates Shoveling

If you are friends with anyone in Colorado I am sure that you have seen pictures of all the snow that recently fell over the weekend. It was truly amazing to see that much precipitation accumulate so rapidly. The skiers were so “stoked bro” “powder day” “need a snorkel broseph” … ok I get it. The snow is deep, I have been shoveling it all day. In all seriousness this freak storm is great for our snowpack and will help ensure water to play on this summer. ¬†Since I was manning the shovel for most of the weekend I had a little fun and created this clip about living with a Sasquatch. Have a safe Superbowl Sunday.


He’s A Regular Guy: Sasquatch, Yeti, Bigfoot

I was trying to find a Yeti Costume last year for our annual Steelhead Trip To Washington. I looked all over the internet for something that was made of quality. I found a guy who custom makes costumes but lost his site. Later this summer I was cruising the internet and found Frank Coffman… he is the GUY. I had a little cash so I ordered what you see below.


A few friends and I have been brainstorming for the past few years about making funny little web commercials about sasquatch. So with the purchse of this suit we plan on doing just that. No sponsor, no deadlines, no big productions, just fun. Last weekend we shot a short piece about the yeti, sasquatch, bigfoot getting ready to go fishing. The next short will hopefully be shot in the next month. I hope you enjoy these little clips. We’ll keep making these videos if you keep watching. If you have any ideas on what the sasquatch should do next. Feel free to email me at LaterallinemediaATgmail.com. Thanks for watching.

White River Colorado: Fly Fishing Report

The old man popped into town last week to get out of the Florida heat and complain about how cold the water is here. So to warm him up a bit we took a drive Northwest to Meeker, Colorado. The air temp was near 90 and thunder heads surrounded us as we slowed the truck down to 35mph¬† thru the town of Meeker. We stopped at the LQ for some provisions and made our way to The Green Cabins just in time for the weather to turn for the worst.Thunder, Lightning and heavy rain put on quite a show as we sipped a single barrel whiskey over looking the river. The next morning was typical beautiful Colorado Morning. Sunny and Cool. We made it to the river around 830 as the temps started to warm. Papa Mac put on waders and I looked at him cross eyed. “You know it is going to be about 90 today?” I said like a wise ass. “I am already cold, my feet are freezing.” Was the reply I got.

Tried to get a good shot but the whiskey glass felt better than the camera did in my hand

Tried to get a good shot but the whiskey glass felt better than the camera did in my hand

The river fished Ok at best. Not like I had seen it before. We mainly stripped streamers through the 2.5 miles that we fished. It was by far the most productive. The biggest fish we landed was 21-22″ Brown Trout and landed about a dozen others in the 15-17inch range. Although we didn’t keep it pinned Papa Mac and myself both stung a fish that was easily 900 lbs. The one that I pinged was a rainbow trout that nearly beached itself for my Olive Sculpzilla. It scared me so bad I had to get out of the water and put new underwear on. I yelled down to P-Mac and he came up sweating in his waders. I told him the scenario and he hopped in the hole and took a cast. Nothing. Another cast, nothing. I looked away for a moment and heard him shout. “HOLY SHIT” A Brown Trout had done the same thing as the rainbow trout that made me shat myself. Anyway those fish are still in the river and do not play nice so beware.

Brown Trout Brown Dog

Brown Trout Brown Dog

It was a good day on the water. Papa Mac who is not a big streamer fisherman is coming around. We floated the following 2 days and now I think he is a firm believer. Or as I dubbed it yesterday. “A Streamer Believer.” yeah I know. No Big Deal. On the other hand we floated the Eagle Yesterday and it was….. Much Better than the White.

streamer lip

streamer lip

River – White

Section – Franklin/ Bailey Lease (thank you Buzz)

Flies – black, olive, white, tan sculpzillas

That’s the nitty gritty – Off to Maine to see the family and have a wicked pissah time dude guy.

Blue River Colorado: Outlet Trout

It is the sound that only parents know. It is a dreaded sound. It is a sound that makes you want to bang your head on the wall. It is a sound that has you crawling out of bed while trying to leave your head on the pillow. That sound is a Baby Screaming between the hours of 12 midnight and 4 in the morning. That’s how my wife and I have been waking up for the past 10 months. Awesome, I know.

Blue River Rainbow Trout

Luckily for my lovely wife she can fall back asleep once the monster has been fed and is back in his crib. Not this guy. The wheels get turning in my head and before I know it time has slipped by and the alarm is about to go off. The common phrase I use is “fuck it” as I crawl out of bed and scramble for the coffee maker. Yesterday was no exception. I had to meet Cody in Silverthorne to do a camera drop off and it was only right that we fish the outlets for a few hours.

Blue River Rainbow Trout

When I say outlets I mean outlet stores. Not the outlets of a lake or reservoir. You are literally casting with Banana Republic behind you. It is kind of silly but, it is a tail water and there are some giant Mysis fed Rainbow trout in there. For example: we hunted one yesterday that was pushing 10lbs. Cody was on the pedestrian bridge spotting him (it was a him he had a big kype) for me while I tried not to fall in the river.

Blue River Colorado Trout

We never did hook big Moe but we caught some decent fish. I should say Cody caught some decent fish and I took pictures. I would tell you the fly of choice but I am afraid those purest out there might tar and feather me.

Blue River Fly Fishing

Although the fish in this stretch of the Blue get fished to more than they should, they still are beautiful Trout, and extremely educated. The deep reds and yellow hues make them pop. If you have never fished this water before, the fish are easy to spot for this reason. They say the colors are from the Mysis Shrimp in the fishes diet. I am not sure who “they” are but it makes sense. Especially since many Rainbow Trout look like this in Mysis Tailwaters.

Fly FIhsing Blue River Colorado

Rainbow Trout Release

Cody Letting another one go. The damn kid has gills. Bring your rod next time wifey drags you to the Outlets. While she spends money on a shirt she already has you can fish the Hollywood hole for big Moe. Happy Thursday.

Downtown Dirty Carp Fishing: Juice Box In The River

I am truly out of my element in the city. As I have gotten a bit older I am actually a bit frightened to drive amongst these maniacs who are rushing to sit in their concrete cubicles. Constantly checking my blind spot and nervous to change lanes I somehow made my way thru the jungle to 24th street.

I love the smell of diesel fumes in the morning

No trip is complete without a little street art

I hopped in Tyler’s Red Dodge, that is held together with Duck Tape, and let him drive to the river, trough, bums bathroom, drainage ditch..known as the South Platte. Carp was the targeted species of the day and if you could get a drift between the hub caps your chances of hooking one of these whiskered beauties was quite high.

Classic Carp Run

With the water being low and a little chilly the sight casting was pretty difficult. We saw a couple tailing fish but they were in the shadow of a pigeon covered bridge. Getting a cast to those fish without spooking them was nearly impossible, but we tried. In the end a rubber legged hares ear would make the bobber shake. And even though I was not excited to watch these guys throw the goat nut it was nice to see them catch a few.

Will this stuff come off my hands?

With long whiskers comes wisdom

Downtown Dirty D

god those lips are gorgeous

Like most of my days on the water this year I was holding a camera instead of a piece of graphite. But, I got a killer shot of a juice box floating down the river and a mild case of hepatitis C. See you in the city.

100% Juice