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Belize: Fishing Report

My phone rang at 6:45 a.m. I had my hands full with baby Maco so I let it go thru to voice mail. “Joe can you travel Sunday thru Thursday?” was the message. It was Thursday Morning. They slow played me until about 11 am when I finally found out that the traveling would take place to Belize…. I am in.

Conch Shell Outside The Lodge

The Belikin tasted delicious as we hopped on the Panga in San Pedro. The sun was setting over Ambergris Caye when we docked at El Pescador fishing lodge.  We had 3 days of fishing planned and it was my job to make it look pretty on the camera.  Of course my luck brought in cloudy and windy conditions for the first two days but we still, or I should say the, still got shots at numerous tarpon, permit and crushed bonefish. The biggest problem were the clouds and anyone who has done saltwater flats fishing certainly understands the importance of the sun. If you do not let me say this, the sun helps you see into the water, and the fish live in the water.

Locked & Loaded – Don’t Ever Take A Wimpston Off A Trout Stream

Our first Belikin was generally around 9am in the morning, which may sound bad to some of you but, it was purely to change our luck. That and I am always skeptical of drinking the water on an island. In fact I am confident that I brought home a little stomach bacteria that I did not declare at customs. Happens every time.

Savanna Flats – The Dance Floor

Our last day was the nicest day of the trip, calm and bright. Of course it was the last day. Cody was on the bow and I was on my perch giving him shit about his casting. But, I could not blame him. He was casting a Winston 9wt, which I felt like breaking over my knee a few times. The tarpon were cruising the flat everywhere. It would happen in waves, you would see one, then a group of six, then a few more. Naturally they were on different hands of the clock and it made it chaotic for the guy on the bow. ” cast 40 feet at 9 o’clock” “oh shit look there are a group of them at 2 o’clock moving left to right” line would be flying everywhere and the fish were totally safe. Finally we got our shit together and got the rod bent. Cody made a long shot and started to move the fly. BOOM. After about 6 jumps we had scales to the boat.

Belize Tarpon – Picky Picky Resident Fish

Belize Tarpon – Resident About 30 Lbs

Stay tuned I am currently in the fine tuning stage of a video that I will post here when ready. Thanks for reading.

Colorado Small Creek Brook Trout

Well the second rifle season has come to an end. It was a difficult hunt as always but this year our group came up empty handed. Still a good time to say the least but the freezer is empty and we are all going hungry. I didn’t have a tag for the unit we were hunting so I was at elk camp for moral support and the beer drinking. Sure I got up every morning and walked in the woods but that was it. One of the locals in the area said that the creek above the lake was full of brook trout and I should go fishing. I didn’t expect to find anything special but when I crept along the banks I found beautiful Brook Trout with a few big Brown Trout mixed in. I was excited. The creek or “crik” was tiny with all sorts of braids here and there. I could jump over it in most parts and my chubby frame can’t jump that far.

I was a gentleman at first rigging up a dry dropper rig that got a few takes, but I missed them all. Then they got smart to it and I got dirty. The single white sculpzilla made a splash and instantly I was getting chases. Pheww. I landed a few beautiful Brookies, complete with bright blue spots and white tipped fins.


I killed a bunch of time walking along the bank stripping whitey thru the current and it was a blast. I hadn’t fished for brook trout since leaving Maine 6 years ago. Towards the end of the day a midge hatch started to pop and there were some risers eating on the surface. I dug thru my pack and tied on a small Adams. I watched as the fish would rise from the bottom and refuse my fly, other times taking it. A cold front started to blow in and I walked out of the pasture back to Elk Camp. Fishing was certainly more productive than Elk Hunting.

Eagle River Colorado: In The Hood

The lower Eagle River is just a bit different than the middle section. The river slows down and widens out as it exits the town of Eagle. Then she winds her way thru grassy meadows and neighborhoods before it meets the Colorado River in Dotsero.. (what a weird place). When time allows, which is limited, the neighborhood section produces some rather large fish. Especially this time of year. In fact Bobber and I saw the largest fish we have ever seen in the Eagle River near the hood, a Brown Trout pushing 27-28 inches. It was a toad, laying in a back eddy giving us glimpses of its bright orange tail that was wider than my hand. Never did catch the bastard. Haven’t seen one since then either. It is believed that some of the bigger Brown Trout in the Colorado come up the Eagle to Spawn in the fall. Who knows?? Either way Magnum and I took a couple hours a couple weeks ago and ripped some meat thru the hood looking for some bigguns. We didn’t land anything that would make you go ooooooh but we turned some good fish and landed a few as well. The pink bobber, which matched the bead floating on the bottom, didn’t really produce anything. The magic bug of the day was a single black slump buster that got smashed on the swing. The natural sculpzilla got a few chases but they where non committal – must have been male fish.

According to Amelia Earhart on Channel 9 News, who was wearing what looked like an oriental rug this morning, it is supposed to turn into winter this Wednesday. Maybe I’ll get back to the Hood before then. Keep it sleezy bloggers.

Doing A Little Pond Fishin’

It was 11:30 pm when the e-brake on the Versa Rental Car was pulled in the middle of a field in Basalt, CO. I was sitting in the middle of the backseat and thought for sure that the car was going to flip over, or Rohan was going to spill his Senor Frogs sized cocktail all over the vehicle. Neither happened and we all rolled out of the clown car into the chilly night. RA quickly got the luncher prepared about 30 yards from the car and lit the first mortar. It went soaring up into the night sky and blew into a few different colors with a bang. We all raised our drinks and hollered like it was the first firework we ever saw. Next Trevor, one of the two Canucks that were visiting from the north, lit another with the same result. Last but not least was Rohan, who was given a hall pass from his wife for the night. RA and Ro Ro were fumbling around with the lighter and launcher for about five minutes. The Canucks and I were shooting the breeze next to the Versa when we saw them both start running. RA took a route up near some trees and started shouting ” RUN…RUN.. RUN” I though he was messing with us then it happened. The rocket launched. But instead of going up it came horizontal across the field towards the Versa. Rohan was running back towards the car when the rocket caught up with him and exploded on his ass. All we heard was ” Ahh the thing hit me in the ass.” Everyone was fine but the laughter that came after could have been damaging to the stomach. I am laughing now as I type. It was like a slow motion cartoon scene. The light from the firework lit up Rohan just in time for all of us to see him jump when it hit him in the rear. We all piled back into the clown car and headed back up the dirt road to the Ranch where Trevor tried to put a steel bowl in the microwave. Thats a different story.

Pre Firework Brook Trout

Looked Like A Pike When It Waked On The Streamer - Not A Pike