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Streamer Junkie: Bye Bye Bobber

I made an executive decision last week while trying to be a purist. I watched my Adams float along the surface of the river, raising and dipping over each slow riffle. Oh how it would be so cool if a trout decided to come sip this tiny bug off the surface. Then I realized – That’s not gonna happen.

This Is A Barn

It was about 11:30 and we had until 1pm to fish about a mile of river that is full of whiteys and from what we were told “25-26 inch brown trout and a kid hooked a cutbow that was approx 33 inches”
I felt like calling BS on the cutbow comment but who am I to call a guy a liar. I knew that there were big browns in this river and big rainbows as well. But, last time I had fished this water I had to sort thru whitey to find spots. In fact Dave Tepper has a picture of me, somewhere on a hard drive, holding a legit 23-24″ cutbow from this particular river. Of course he never sent the picture to me.

This Is A Cut Bow. This Happens When A Rainbow Trout And A Cutthroat Trout Get Busy In The Gravel.

So time is ticking, The Rattle Snake is bobber fishing a beautiful hole with a worm, of course he has a worm on, trailed by an rs2 or something of that nature. Bobber fishing, as much as I love it, has lost its lust with me. Don’t get me wrong I will still stare at the goat-nut when it is needed but lately I am into stripping streamers. This is what I like-
– One Box
– 2 spools of tippet (0x-1x)
– short leader
– ugly casts
– aggressive fish
– fish all types of water

A Black Sculpzilla was trailed but a Natural Slumpbuster and it was moving with a little strip, strip, twitch motion downstream. The first fish chased it to the bank where I paused the fly. The fish inhaled the slump buster and darted back into the current. I yelled at the Rattle Snake “cut that f*@king bobber off and start ripping streamers like a man.”

This Is A Hay Barn On The River. We Caught Fish In That Riffle.

My streamer box was looking a bit weak and my tippet scenario was about the same. I had left my 0x and 1x in my boat bag which was in the truck and 3x was my go to. Not a problem I thought, until what looked like a cross between an alligator and a steelhead boiled on my fly and chewed it off instantly. Shit

That’ll Do

We ended up fishing roughly 3/4 of a mile ripping meat the entire time. We legitimately turned over 75 fish easily and landed about a 1/4 of them. Some which were little dinks and others in the 18-20″ class. The Rattle Snake knocked one off the line with the net that was pushing the upper 20’s and we hooked multiple fish the same size that never made it to the net.

This is my rig. What does yours look like?

(16-18″ 0x-1x tippet) (5 – 6 foot heavy leader)
slump buster sculpzilla

You Should Have A Lot Of These

You Should Have A Lot Of These Too

Fire Ban: Fishing Report

Well it seems that the inevitable has started to show its effects. The State of Colorado is in some dire need of H20!! and the outlook does not look promising. Like other Rocky Mountain States we had a severely dry winter and with the early arrival of summer our water situation is in the RED. Wild fires have already started to sweep the state and unfortunately it feels like we are only in the beginning of what will be a very long dry summer. Despite what feels like August fishing conditions the trout have been willing to look up at big dry flies and occasionally we get lucky enough to hook them. The Eagle River, which is now almost too low to float, has had some amazing caddis hatches but go figure that the trout are not really eating them. Seems like you have a window in the AM when they will hammer a stimulator but then it shuts off around 3 when the bugs really start pouring off. Word on the street is that they are starting to turn on to golden stones. Either way if you are in the area you probably only have about 3-4 days left to float the Eagle. Kinda crazy considering that this time last year we were in a flood stage.
Adams Sipper
The Colorado River still remains at record lows. It has been fluctuating between 299 cfs – 450 cfs. Normally it is at 2500 cfs. The reservoirs are holding onto their water as long as possible until they have to release some for down valley use. Sounds like things on the Roaring Fork are about a month early with reports of Green Drakes staring to pop on the lower section. That usually doesn’t happen until late july.
Streamer Float On The Fork - Time For A Drake Float
Today I am going to take my little family on a hike and do some “creeken” – which has been described as going into small creeks with a tiny rod and toss dries at tiny trout. We had a ball doing this at about 10,000 feet last week. Time to bring this little dude (pic below) on a short fishing adventure. Do a rain dance for us and if you are planing on coming to CO this summer you’d better get here quick.

Happy Fathers Day

Naples Florida Tarpon Fly Fishing: Success

Brazda and I were trying to get our Tarpon juju right as mark ward shut the engine off and started building a new leader. It was about 9 in the morning and the tide was slack. ” these fish cruise right through this tongue when the tide comes in” mark explained. I was pumped I hadn’t had florida fishing conditions like this for a very long time, the wind was variable and out of the east no clouds and flat calm. Braz spoke up and said ” you’re up dooda” I jumped up on the bow and said “are you sure?”

Mark was up on the poling platform scanning the horizon when he said ” joey over here on your left about 40 feet. You see it?” I did but couldn’t tell which way the fish was facing then it turned. I made my shot and started to strip. I was almost to the end of my fly line when the fish inhaled my fly. It exploded into the sky right next to the boat and instantly took took all the fly line and into the backing. Jeff caught all of the hour battle with some great shots. Below are some pics from the fight. Thanks Braz for the unbelievable pics you took.


Tail Walking On The Horizon

Into The Backing

After about an battle of tug o war the rod broke above the second eyelet. I was able to wrangle the beast next to the boat where mark grabbed the fish by its mouth. One head shake later Mark lost his grip on the beast and it slowly floated off. The broken rod tip caught the edge of the boat and popped off the fish. I was so tired it was a relief to done with the battle. In the picture below you can see the rod dangling in the the air.

Jeff took too many good pictures to post but one of my favorites is the one below which he made a banner on his face book page Fly Fishing Washington. Be sure to check it out for more great pictures of fly fishing adventures from around the country,

A Way Of Life

Doing A Little Pond Fishin’

It was 11:30 pm when the e-brake on the Versa Rental Car was pulled in the middle of a field in Basalt, CO. I was sitting in the middle of the backseat and thought for sure that the car was going to flip over, or Rohan was going to spill his Senor Frogs sized cocktail all over the vehicle. Neither happened and we all rolled out of the clown car into the chilly night. RA quickly got the luncher prepared about 30 yards from the car and lit the first mortar. It went soaring up into the night sky and blew into a few different colors with a bang. We all raised our drinks and hollered like it was the first firework we ever saw. Next Trevor, one of the two Canucks that were visiting from the north, lit another with the same result. Last but not least was Rohan, who was given a hall pass from his wife for the night. RA and Ro Ro were fumbling around with the lighter and launcher for about five minutes. The Canucks and I were shooting the breeze next to the Versa when we saw them both start running. RA took a route up near some trees and started shouting ” RUN…RUN.. RUN” I though he was messing with us then it happened. The rocket launched. But instead of going up it came horizontal across the field towards the Versa. Rohan was running back towards the car when the rocket caught up with him and exploded on his ass. All we heard was ” Ahh the thing hit me in the ass.” Everyone was fine but the laughter that came after could have been damaging to the stomach. I am laughing now as I type. It was like a slow motion cartoon scene. The light from the firework lit up Rohan just in time for all of us to see him jump when it hit him in the rear. We all piled back into the clown car and headed back up the dirt road to the Ranch where Trevor tried to put a steel bowl in the microwave. Thats a different story.

Pre Firework Brook Trout

Looked Like A Pike When It Waked On The Streamer - Not A Pike