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Western Caribbean Fly Fishing

When it comes to Mexico there are plenty of fly fishing options. Especially in the Yucatan. There are well know places and lodges up and down the Caribbean coast line that offer ” the best permit fly fishing in the world.” Having been spoiled in my fly fishing journey I have been to some of these lodges and they are truly amazing. Some of them in remote areas that run off generators and others that are a bit easier to get to. But, it was not until last year when I found a new place on the Yucatan that welcomed me like no other. Perhaps it was the quaint town, the beautiful water and the great fly fishing but I believe it was the company of NIck Denbow and his wife Verena that made me admire the town of Mahahual, MX. I first met Nick around midnight after a hellish day of travel.  He was one of those people that I liked right away. No bull shit, accommodating, a great sense of humor and not to mention one of the hardest working saltwater guides I have come across.

nick denbow

Nick runs his own company call Western Caribbean Fly Fishing school out of Mahahual MX and offers fly fishing trips to the traveling anglers looking to full fill life long bucket list fishing trips. This is not your standard fly fishing trip that you may be used to. Most of the Permit fishing is done by foot off the beach where you watch permit cursing along the coast line. Nick has developed a fly pattern that these picky fish cannot refuse, in fact they have even taken this fly pattern fresh off the vise still smelling of adhesive.  If the Permit and bonefish game is not on you will find Mr. Denbow in the back country lakes polling around his aluminum ( AL- U- Mini- UM) skiff putting his anglers on Juvenile Tarpon and Resident Snook.  Nick is a great teacher and has great patients for anglers who are new to salt water fly fishing.


For those of you who are looking to try a new fly fishing destination in Mexico please look up Western Caribbean Fly Fishing and let Nick show you his local waters. It is because of Nick and Verena that I feel like Mahahual is my second home. Cheer to you Mate, thanks for the Spanish Lessons.