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Fly Fishing Beer: PBR Gets The Spotlight

Ahhh Beer. There is something about having an ice cold beer on the river isn’t there. Reaching into the cooler and pulling out a can of your favorite suds can bring a smile to most any man/ woman’s face. With all the varieties on the market today why is it that PBR gets the most publicity when it comes to fly fishing? We see it in magazines, video clips, blog posts, social sites and in the back of guide trucks. Whats the deal with Pabst? I gave up my beer drinking antics nearly 8 months ago due to an allergy that I hate to admit I have. Do I miss drinking a hand numbing cold can of beer? Your damn right I do. But, unlike most of the hip guides you read about in the Drake Magazine Pabst Blue Ribbon wasn’t the cardboard box I grabbed at the liquor store. If your going for a broke guide image why not go for bush light or natty ice. I mean that crap is cheap. But I guess that doesn’t go with your new truck, drift boat and pulling one of those ugly cans out of your $400.00 cooler wouldn’t look as cool. Or do you truly just love the taste of Pabst?

twittericonfixed Its not a bad beer, hell they have been around since 1840’s so they are doing something right. But, in college I would bet that you started drinking the cheapest rot gut booze you could afford, you then tried a few micro brews and after graduation sipped on some wine. Now, after all that tasting, trial and error the box of beers you grab is PBR. Well I am not here to tell you which beer to drink, hell I really don’t give a damn. If I was in your boat I would drink whatever you handed me, well at least 8 months ago.  I am really just curious about the PBR program. I am surprised they haven’t sponsored the FFFT…yet. What’s your go to beverage?