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Florida Keys: Chilling In Someones Screen Saver

Papa Mac and I walked down to the dock where Capt Derek Rust was having a beer with his buddies while he cleaned off his bay boat from an evening fun fish. He handed us an 11 weight and told us to cast at the bow of a 60 foot yacht. The marina tarpon were rolling around and we all watched them while drinking a few beers. P-Mac laid out a cast and jumped about a 40 lb poon before it spit the hook. We all cheered and continued with our banter. The very next cast a smaller fish 15-20lbs was on the rod leaping around the marina. Again we cheered and gave P-Mac shit while he was bringing the fish towards the dock. But, the marina poon met its demise when a giant boil/ splash erupted 20 feet from the dock and making the line go slack. Shark we all yelled. Then we saw it swim under the lights. A shark it was.. About a 500lb Bull Shark that just inhaled a tarpon in one bite.



For the next 2 days we fished from Derek’s Hells Bay Marquesa casting to everything we saw. There certainly was more casting then catching and for me that was plenty.Boat_Trailer_sunrelease When it comes to Saltwater Angling I am certainly way out of my element and I appreciate all that people teach me. I feel like I am getting a little better. It also amazes me how you can lay out a beautiful 70 foot cast when you are messing around but when a school of Giant Permit swims at you 50 feet away you become jelly. This happened multiple times. And although some considered the fly P-Mac and I got the Permit smack down. As we floated across a beautiful flat Derek said “somewhere this view is someones screen saver and here were are chilling in it.” And he was right. The dark blues, greens and turquoise colors popped against the light blue sky. It was perfect. Thanks Derek.



After a tragic week for the United States as well as for our family I have come to realize this — The wind/ sun on your face, being able to walk/ run, having a great family/ wife /kid(s), friends, smell of flowers, saltwater, snow, heat, rain, humidity, hangover, smiles, laughter, sad and angry. — are things that I have taken for granted at one point or another. P-MacreleaseSometimes it takes a tragedy or an unexpected event for us to realize that we are all on borrowed time and that we should embrace and enjoy all we can.  This last week I took a minute each day to focus on some of these things and appreciate what was present and not get angry at what was not. For example: A Giant Tarpon was present, but my fly was not. Never a reason to get angry in that situation. Frustrated sure but angry no way. Although I am sure Capt Derek might have been a touch angry. This was the first time rustreleaseI had seen Derek since his move from Tahoe. It was good to catch up and have him show us around his new stomping grounds. I was truly amazed on how much he has learned during his time down there. Just the massive body of water that is in front of you is intimidating enough, then throw in tides, water temps, currents, boats, motors, poles, shit I am already tired. Hats off to you Capt Derek.

tarpon popperrelease-2

Our trip to Florida this year was great, the fishing was a bonus. Our little boy “Maco” was walking on the beach and loved water. He even got to go on his first boat ride, although he was a little fussy with his life jacket on he loved the wind blowing in his hair. Little dude also got to see his Great Grand Father who is the original Joe. The four Joe’s got to hang for an evening and chat over dinner. Something that rarely happens. Wifey got to get her tan on which puts her in a happy place and overall it was just good to be around family. Fishing was a bonus.



Enjoy the spring it is a great time to be doing anything. Thanks for reading.

Big Easy Redfish

A little over a month ago a friend of mine Cody DeGuelle made his way south to the big easy in search of some Redfish. And as always this fishy Mo Fo found quite a few in his 48 hours there. Here is his Story.

Overwhelmed with excitement, our flight landed at the Louis Armstrong Airport in New Orleans. With all of our gear making it onto the carousel we were quickly in a cab and listening to our driver describe the city in a language I am not sure really exists.

After checking in to hour rooms were quickly walking Canal Street listen to street jazz performers with Bourbon Street in sight. After my dad, brother, and I were passing multiple people with beer bottles that were larger than my 9 month old, I realize us Colorado folk need to up our game.

As we approached Bourbon Street them particular odor that so many have told me about hit us square in the face. I would not say it is as bad as some say, but not something I would prefer. However, it is a perfect way to allow the culture and surrounds to be taken in and remembered.

A few short steps onto Bourbon Street and I received a call from my father-in-law explain that my wife had just been taken to the emergency room via ambulance and that two firefighters were taking care of my infant daughter. I hope no one has had to experience that position, as it was indescribable knowing that as a father, I was not there. After numerous conversations with the hospital I was speaking to my wife and everything was okay. Regardless, I was right back on a flight home to my family.

Fast-forward six weeks and I was back. Family was well and my dad and I were hopping into the pickup of Miles LaRose of Shallow South headed to the Mississippi Delta. A quick stop for biscuits and gravy, while the chef whipped up some ham and cheese po’ boys and we were out. Not long after we launched the skiff and settled in, we were weaving our way through channels looking for big pushes of reds. A chilly run in and I was headed to the bow where I lost my balance and almost took a dip to get a better idea of what the current water temps were. After pulling myself together, I made it to the casting platform and began to strip some line out. Three pulls at my reel later and my rig shoots out of my hand and into the water. Awesome!NOLA Redfish

Miles had us on 20lb+ bulls within minutes. After two blown shots and a refusal I was hooked up on a fish. If you have never seen a big red eat a fly, you should really add it to your bucket list. I would compare it to hark week when the great whites are laying a hurt down on the seals, only reds are smaller and different. Seriously, it is bad-ass. The day continued seeing floating reds consistently glowing in the distance. Once the nerves are settle, and even a decent cast could usually trigger a strike. Sheepshead and black drum sprinkled in the mix which were also fly worthy. After bringing my share of big reds to hand I turned possessively to the sheepshead. Sheepshead NOLAI had fashioned up some crab patterns designed by Miles with a little twist. I added polar bear fur to pattern as it was recommended that no saltwater fish can refuse the polar bear fur. All fur provided by natives from the north culling bears that were menacing their villages. So first cast at a sheepshead, eat, set, fish on. Second fish, eat, set, fish on, then line around reel and rod, fish off. I did bring a head to hand and I was excited and a little taken back by the teeth on those fish. Regardless, I was jacked. Redfish Tail

The day continued and Miles wore us out polling us into fish after fish. The drive back to the hotel was interrupted by a quick U-turn and an explanation that crawfish season was open and we were on our way to a boil. After standing in line with some of the nicest people we were up and ordering five pounds of crawfish. I don’t think I have ever eaten five pounds of anything at one time, but what the hell, I caught a sheepshead today. We took our order that was on a shallow tub about the size of a trash can lid, fished around in the cooler for our bottles of beer, and sat down to get crawfish eating instructions. Ten minutes later after I figure it out, I had bitten into very small lobster heaven, the seasoning and the flavor of the crawfish was unexplainably delicious. All five pounds were eaten.

Papa DeGuelle Redrelease

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