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Streamer Stumbler: Rod, Reel & Line Combo

December 20th 2010 a very good friend of mine handed me a Scott A3 11 foot switch rod for my 30th birthday.  I had never owned a switch rod and I was anxious to pair it up with the correct line. After speaking with some reps I decided to go with the RIO Speydicator, which I am not even sure if they make it anymore. They might call it the switch chucker. I threw the line on my Lamson Konic Fly Reel and off to the river I went.  After swinging some girdle bugs and throwing a Bobber I was pumped to have my new switch setup. Fast forward to Spring 2013. The water levels had come up and it was time to start floating the Eagle River. I was in the Garage gearing up for a day of streamer fishing and realized that I had, 2 broken 6 weights, 3 broken 5 weights and my 8-9 weights were stolen in FL. HMMMM. There it was the trusty 7wt. I grabbed the konic reel with the switch line on it and put it on my Scott 7wt. What I stumbled upon changed the way I will streamer fish forever.

Eagle River Edwards CO

The rod/line combo was a bit heavy but, I like that when I am throwing bigger flies. And now with the switch line on my 7 wt I could roll cast, spey cast and single hand cast large tandem streamers with ease. I have since then kept that rod, reel and line combo together until yesterday when I handed it over to bobber for his GL Brown Trout/ Steelhead Trip. I am curious what you other anglers are throwing for a streamer setup? I am sure I am not the only one using switch lines for streamer fishing, but I will highly recommend a switch line if you are not. The large front taper allows you to cast large flies with ease and you can also attach different tips if you want to get deeper. Let me know your setup or if you have any suggestions.


Drift Boat Fund : Diminished

After college two of my very good friends and I thought we would buy and apartment building in Portland Maine. The Real Estate Market was hot and we were going to get in before it was over. Well, we go in just in time for things to go south. Not completely underwater but close enough. We lived in the giant red multi-unit for a few years and headed separate ways. Now eight years later and several thousands of dollars in repairs, carrying costs, etc. We are trying to unload the Red Best, as it was dubbed, in another market frenzy. Low interest rates, sparse inventory and a hell of a rental income this beauty is sure to bring us top dollar….. Right? Well before the listing sign gets dug into the ground there is a reasonable amount of money that has to be put into the property, roof, turnover cost, landscaping, screens etc… So my thoughts of owning a shiny new Clacakcraft quickly got squished this morning over a conference call. All this work and nothing to show for it. Ha. Sounds like the American dream. Either way, I still have the blue bus which is more than perfect for the rivers we are able to fish around CO. But, sometimes a man needs another boat. I am sure some can relate. So as I continue to drift boat search with very very little hope let me ask you this. What model/brand/ length do you like/ recommend? I have always been partial to Clackacrafts but have not really spent much time in many other drift boats.

Not Mine.

Not Mine.