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Streamer Stumbler: Rod, Reel & Line Combo

December 20th 2010 a very good friend of mine handed me a Scott A3 11 foot switch rod for my 30th birthday.  I had never owned a switch rod and I was anxious to pair it up with the correct line. After speaking with some reps I decided to go with the RIO Speydicator, which I am not even sure if they make it anymore. They might call it the switch chucker. I threw the line on my Lamson Konic Fly Reel and off to the river I went.  After swinging some girdle bugs and throwing a Bobber I was pumped to have my new switch setup. Fast forward to Spring 2013. The water levels had come up and it was time to start floating the Eagle River. I was in the Garage gearing up for a day of streamer fishing and realized that I had, 2 broken 6 weights, 3 broken 5 weights and my 8-9 weights were stolen in FL. HMMMM. There it was the trusty 7wt. I grabbed the konic reel with the switch line on it and put it on my Scott 7wt. What I stumbled upon changed the way I will streamer fish forever.

Eagle River Edwards CO

The rod/line combo was a bit heavy but, I like that when I am throwing bigger flies. And now with the switch line on my 7 wt I could roll cast, spey cast and single hand cast large tandem streamers with ease. I have since then kept that rod, reel and line combo together until yesterday when I handed it over to bobber for his GL Brown Trout/ Steelhead Trip. I am curious what you other anglers are throwing for a streamer setup? I am sure I am not the only one using switch lines for streamer fishing, but I will highly recommend a switch line if you are not. The large front taper allows you to cast large flies with ease and you can also attach different tips if you want to get deeper. Let me know your setup or if you have any suggestions.


Colorado River Fishing Report: Thats Where Mama Lives

Summer is once again coming to an end. Although the thought of that is dismal for many folks, I find it to be one of the best times of the year. The hectic summer pace seems to slow and there is a little more time to sneak away for a day of fishing. Last week Big Zim and I were able to float the Upper Colorado River after being re-routed from the lower Colorado River. A special thanks goes out to all you men who were tights, shave your legs and ride 4 abreast along the HWY. Nothing like watching you guys exercise as we drive by pulling our boats to the river…. LAME.

At first we were disappointed in our decision to float a section that we have done so many times. But, it ended up being a hell of a good day on the upper section. We fished like gentlemen all day. Only dry flies and no bobbers.The hot flies were Royal Wulff, Schroeders Hopper and a PMX. Bang Bang all day long on the grassy banks. More fish were missed than landed but like Big Zim says. “how many oh shits and ooohs were there today man?” “That’s what its all about.” He is correct it is just a fun to miss them as it is to catch them.

Brown Trout CO

The fishing lately has been solid. I am not the most reliable source right now and I say that to be honest. But, most of the cats I hang with have been on the river daily and I get reports from them. However the last few times I have been out on the Colorado and Eagle the fishing has been good. Eagle River Brown TroutWe have been getting a ton of afternoon rain and clouds which is keeping the water cool and levels up. The fish seem to be looking up and eating big flies in the riffles and soft pockets. I haven’t thrown streamers in a while but I have to believe they would chase. A solid set up that has been on my rod is a big stimulator trailed by an Adams or small Wulff. You decide. Fishing is only going to get better as fall approaches. Hopefully my next post will be a picture of a Bull Elk and not a trout. But, I will take both. ” Drink Up, Be Merry”


White River Colorado: Fly Fishing Report

The old man popped into town last week to get out of the Florida heat and complain about how cold the water is here. So to warm him up a bit we took a drive Northwest to Meeker, Colorado. The air temp was near 90 and thunder heads surrounded us as we slowed the truck down to 35mph  thru the town of Meeker. We stopped at the LQ for some provisions and made our way to The Green Cabins just in time for the weather to turn for the worst.Thunder, Lightning and heavy rain put on quite a show as we sipped a single barrel whiskey over looking the river. The next morning was typical beautiful Colorado Morning. Sunny and Cool. We made it to the river around 830 as the temps started to warm. Papa Mac put on waders and I looked at him cross eyed. “You know it is going to be about 90 today?” I said like a wise ass. “I am already cold, my feet are freezing.” Was the reply I got.

Tried to get a good shot but the whiskey glass felt better than the camera did in my hand

Tried to get a good shot but the whiskey glass felt better than the camera did in my hand

The river fished Ok at best. Not like I had seen it before. We mainly stripped streamers through the 2.5 miles that we fished. It was by far the most productive. The biggest fish we landed was 21-22″ Brown Trout and landed about a dozen others in the 15-17inch range. Although we didn’t keep it pinned Papa Mac and myself both stung a fish that was easily 900 lbs. The one that I pinged was a rainbow trout that nearly beached itself for my Olive Sculpzilla. It scared me so bad I had to get out of the water and put new underwear on. I yelled down to P-Mac and he came up sweating in his waders. I told him the scenario and he hopped in the hole and took a cast. Nothing. Another cast, nothing. I looked away for a moment and heard him shout. “HOLY SHIT” A Brown Trout had done the same thing as the rainbow trout that made me shat myself. Anyway those fish are still in the river and do not play nice so beware.

Brown Trout Brown Dog

Brown Trout Brown Dog

It was a good day on the water. Papa Mac who is not a big streamer fisherman is coming around. We floated the following 2 days and now I think he is a firm believer. Or as I dubbed it yesterday. “A Streamer Believer.” yeah I know. No Big Deal. On the other hand we floated the Eagle Yesterday and it was….. Much Better than the White.

streamer lip

streamer lip

River – White

Section – Franklin/ Bailey Lease (thank you Buzz)

Flies – black, olive, white, tan sculpzillas

That’s the nitty gritty – Off to Maine to see the family and have a wicked pissah time dude guy.

Eagle River Post Turkey Fishing

Cody was trying to get me to meet him in Green Mountain Canyon around 8:30 a:m.  Becoming somewhat of a wimp I replied via text “its going to be cold as a mutha down there, so I don’t think that it is necessary to get down there that early.” I checked the weather forecast and the mercury was supposed to hover around 60 in Glenwood Springs. I grabbed the phone and asked if he would like to float the Fork? “How about the Eagle?” he responded ” I have never fished it”

A giant truck pulled into my driveway at 8:50 a:m, it was 23 degrees out. We were out of coffee so I hopped down to village market were we got stuck in line behind a lady buying donuts with change. I think it was 6 bucks in change, not a big deal, I usually pay for my beer with change. Finally after dragging my feet long enough for the weather to warm up we made it to the river. We went west of the hood to a BLM section that has a nice long run and plenty of  room for 2 anglers. Just as we reached the head of the run we see 2 guys with their daughter, 3 spinning rods and a wagon full of beer come thru the bushes to the river. “hey you guys want a beer?” thanks god they had that little girl with them, because she started screaming about being cold and wanted to go home, so they left.  I couldn’t blame her for screaming I was cold too.


Cody found his groove pretty quickly and started banging fish in the tail out. A buckskin caddis was getting his bobber to shake while a Rs2 was doing the same for me. We landed a few nice browns and decided that it was time to drive up stream to a pod of risers I have been seeing. We hopped out of the truck and sure enough the water was boiling with fish eating small baetis. We finished the afternoon catching fish on the surface with a tiny Adams.  Most of them were timmys but we did manage to miss a few longer fish that were slow to take.

Cam Waiting To Lick The Fish. Complete With Grass On His Snout

It is was fun to show someone around a river they have never fished. The Eagle, which so many drive by, is a great river. It changes day to day and can be a bitch when it wants to be.  It is technical and fast with a lot of pocket water which makes it extremely fun to row when the levels allow. The fish are healthy and strong, often times it takes a tiny midge to trick one but they will also come to the surface for stimulators. Overall The Eagle is a very diverse river that can make you feel like a master angler one day and humble you the next.

Eagle River Colorado: In The Hood

The lower Eagle River is just a bit different than the middle section. The river slows down and widens out as it exits the town of Eagle. Then she winds her way thru grassy meadows and neighborhoods before it meets the Colorado River in Dotsero.. (what a weird place). When time allows, which is limited, the neighborhood section produces some rather large fish. Especially this time of year. In fact Bobber and I saw the largest fish we have ever seen in the Eagle River near the hood, a Brown Trout pushing 27-28 inches. It was a toad, laying in a back eddy giving us glimpses of its bright orange tail that was wider than my hand. Never did catch the bastard. Haven’t seen one since then either. It is believed that some of the bigger Brown Trout in the Colorado come up the Eagle to Spawn in the fall. Who knows?? Either way Magnum and I took a couple hours a couple weeks ago and ripped some meat thru the hood looking for some bigguns. We didn’t land anything that would make you go ooooooh but we turned some good fish and landed a few as well. The pink bobber, which matched the bead floating on the bottom, didn’t really produce anything. The magic bug of the day was a single black slump buster that got smashed on the swing. The natural sculpzilla got a few chases but they where non committal – must have been male fish.

According to Amelia Earhart on Channel 9 News, who was wearing what looked like an oriental rug this morning, it is supposed to turn into winter this Wednesday. Maybe I’ll get back to the Hood before then. Keep it sleezy bloggers.