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Colorado 2014 Blizzard: Sasquatch Hates Shoveling

If you are friends with anyone in Colorado I am sure that you have seen pictures of all the snow that recently fell over the weekend. It was truly amazing to see that much precipitation accumulate so rapidly. The skiers were so “stoked bro” “powder day” “need a snorkel broseph” … ok I get it. The snow is deep, I have been shoveling it all day. In all seriousness this freak storm is great for our snowpack and will help ensure water to play on this summer. ┬áSince I was manning the shovel for most of the weekend I had a little fun and created this clip about living with a Sasquatch. Have a safe Superbowl Sunday.


Beverage Supernova: Lucky Oh

We recently have been working outside our fly fishing/ outdoor box and shot a commercial for an upcoming beverage company, Lucky Oh. The weather forecast looked promising as we drove into a fog bank that lined the entire front range of Colorado. And as we drove up Boulder Canyon the fog only thickened. There we were in a mist of freezing water shooting a marketing video for the beverage supernova. The company plans to unveil its product this month. Launching its website and marketing campaign. Be sure to look out for Lucky Oh on shelves in your local LQ, Grocery Store, Convenience stores and restaurants/ bars. “Wherever you go, Lucky Oh”

Screen shot 2013-11-14 at 8.35.49 AM

He’s A Regular Guy: Sasquatch, Yeti, Bigfoot

I was trying to find a Yeti Costume last year for our annual Steelhead Trip To Washington. I looked all over the internet for something that was made of quality. I found a guy who custom makes costumes but lost his site. Later this summer I was cruising the internet and found Frank Coffman… he is the GUY. I had a little cash so I ordered what you see below.


A few friends and I have been brainstorming for the past few years about making funny little web commercials about sasquatch. So with the purchse of this suit we plan on doing just that. No sponsor, no deadlines, no big productions, just fun. Last weekend we shot a short piece about the yeti, sasquatch, bigfoot getting ready to go fishing. The next short will hopefully be shot in the next month. I hope you enjoy these little clips. We’ll keep making these videos if you keep watching. If you have any ideas on what the sasquatch should do next. Feel free to email me at LaterallinemediaATgmail.com. Thanks for watching.

Baby Tarpon Bug: Saltwater Itch

Had a good conversation with Captain Derek Rust last night about Salt Water Fly Fishing. Of course it got me thinking about being on the bow of his hells bay getting a beat down by the Salt Water Kings.. like Permit, Tarpon, Snook, Bonefish…. basically anything you can sight cast to.

side note: I become a puddle when I have to cast at any saltwater fish..

I stumbled across this video from the fellas over at Gink & Gasoline and thought I would share for all you Salt Water Anglers out there.

Baby Tarpon Rule.