Washington Steelhead Trip: High Water Week


It has been about a month since our Annual Steelhead Trip has come and gone. The trip was once again a success for anglers that made the long journey to the Pacific Northwest in search of Wild Steelhead.

Shiny One

Shiny One

Of course the weather was there to greet us with open arms as our commuter flight got tossed in high winds flying to Forks. What had lined up to be perfect timing was again thrown by the wayside when another front pushed in and dropped another round of heavy rain. Go figure I had spent weeks worrying about low water and bam all at once. The weather curse had found me once again. We had a new face in the group this year, Derrick BlackardDerrick_Bogy_Buck from CO joined us for a week of shenanigans and was able to put some steel on the bank. It is nice to introduce new people to the OP and see their different reactions. The deep green mossy forests are something you will never forget, truly a special place.

Despite another tough year weather wise the steelhead graced us with their presence and allowed us to catch a few in the high water. We saw Sasquatch clearing a tree off the road on the Upper Bogy and then again swinging at the Red House Hole. Regardless of the conditions we all had a good time, shooting guns, using chainsaws, drinking whiskey and catching the occasional Steelhead. And if you cannot have fun doing that. Well, I am sorry.