Wild Steelhead & The Little Blue Acorn

Well another Steelhead trip has come and gone. I am humbled to say that it was mediocre at best, in the past we have prayed for no rain and this year it was opposite. The water was low low low in the whole system and the fish were moving in at a slow pace. After going to the OP for many years and having lights out fly fishing, I was bound to take one in the teeth. That being said the fishing still wasn’t bad, but I will take a blow out day over low water anytime.

Boeing Field DepartureThe new program is to fly directly into Forks, WA.  What a beautiful flight over the Olympics and Crescent Lake, we saw where they have been removing the Dam on the Elwah, snow capped peaks and a family of Sasquatches having a picnic in a clear cut. All enjoyed the scenic flight which took about an hour from Boeing Field. Newellsy turned a bright shade of green when we had to buzz the tower to scare the Elk off the runway.


Here is what Agent Newell had to say about the trip.

Road To The Put In

Ten nights ago I pulled into the garage around 2am. Happy to be home, but my mind was still reeling about the travels I had just endured. The two-hour drive home from DIA over two mountain passes always does that to you, regardless of the hour, and especially in the winter. A week away from home, four legendary rivers, one treaty line, countless Rainiers and empty flasks, and a handful of photos to remember an epic adventure with great friends, both old and new, that I will recall often!

Aaron O'Leary Photo

Aaron O’Leary Photo

Jump back ten days , text from J Mac reads, “One spot left on the OP steelhead trip! It’s yours if you can swing it!” I do what any responsible businessman would do; I jump on the phone and cancel next week’s appointments, book the flight, and take an inventory from the last steelhead adventure to see what I don’t have. No time to make an order! Swap out gear, reels, and line from an upcoming saltwater trip, I mean my wedding trip, and hope somebody can lend me a leader and re-teach me the Snell knot over a few whiskeys!

Ho Ho Ho

Ho Ho Ho

Next thing I know I’m rolling up to the Bogy house after a private charter from SeaTac to Forks to meet up with the rest of the junkies as well as the most impressive and knowledgeable guides in this industry. Let the carnage begin!

This trip isn’t for everybody! It’s cold, it’s wet, the days are long, and we fish HARD! But we love it and that’s the reward.

Papa Mac On The Hangdown

Papa Mac On The Hangdown

These fish migrate through a magical place and seem almost mystical themselves. You can’t imagine how these fish will entice you to return year after year the same way they do. This sickness is something you’ll never understand until you make the journey and submerge yourself into this lifestyle if only for a short time. One time and you’ll understand! One time and you’ll plan your vacations around the annual pilgrimage to the rain forest of the Pacific Northwest to chase chrome!

Shiny One

Thanks for the post Jason, it was a pleasure to fish with you on the coast once again. Crazy that it has been over 5 years since we were last up there together. Like above mentioned, the trip this year was not an easy one and despite less than ideal conditions everyone in the group was able to push hard and come out with good results.  Thank you all so much for making it back out to the Bogy House, for some of you it was your first and others your 4th trip. I know it sounds like a vacation but I needed about 3 days of rest after taking a steelhead beating. See you all soon. – jmac

Aaron O'Leary Photo

Aaron O’Leary Photo

Here is a short video I threw together of Tothman dropping bombs on the lower Bogachiel River.


6 thoughts on “Wild Steelhead & The Little Blue Acorn

  1. bull dog

    I always look forward to the beating! Tough but worth it. Thanks for all the fun

  2. The Tothman

    Great trip, dudes! Thanks again for the invite and for letting me join an awesome gang of fishermen and guides in one of the most beautiful settings I’ve ever fished. I look forward to a return visit, tipping a few beers, and swinging some more flies through the juicy runs of the Hoh, Bogy, and Sol Duc!

    1. joey Post author

      Tothman, glad to have ya on the trip, I look forward to fishing with ya again soon. Long Live The Blue Menace.

  3. bob streb

    Nice Agent Newell, one of these years I’ll be waist deep and draining flasks with ya. Awesome you could make it, tons of fish or not. Bout time you got a blog up about this trip slacker, that kid shit cuts into Jmac time don’t it?

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